Hrithik bowled over by Berlin!

Published On: 2014-01-20

Author: Sonal Chawla

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Hrithik bowled over by Berlin!

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: November 04, 2010


Back from Berlin, supposedly after shooting a fight sequence with SRK for Don 2, Hrithik Roshan can’t stop talking about the people of the city


After his short trip to Berlin, Hrithik Roshan has landed in Mumbai today and is all smiles. The actor went there to shoot for a cameo in Farhan Akhtar’s sequel Don 2. And Hrithik was bowled over by the warmth with which he was welcomed to Berlin.


Grapevine has it that Hrithik went to Berlin to shoot for an action-paced fight sequence with Shah Rukh Khan in the film, which is going to be the highlight of the sequel. And while concentrating on the tough action sequence, Hrithik apparently lived it up in Berlin, where he partied a lot with Farhan, Shah Rukh, Priyanka Chopra, Gauri Khan and Sussanne Roshan.


Apparently, several locals in Berlin took little time to spot Hrithik. A few hours before boarding his flight to Mumbai, Hrithik spoke to Mumbai Mirror and said, “Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, quite unlike how it is depicted in a lot of Hollywood films, with the most heart-warming, affectionate and polite fans I have ever met. Had fun like never! Worked, partied, sang and danced.”


And the popular jaadu ki jhhappi apparently worked wonders for Hrithik and his Don 2 gang in Berlin, which is freezing at this time of the year. Hrithik added, “Nothing like warm hugs from friends of the Don 2 gang to fight the cold. We had the best time. Now back to the irresistible Mumbai work stress. Can’t wait!”


The cameo it seems has become quite popular with some producers. Om Shanti Om and Luck by Chance are some examples of films that used cameos. Om Shanti Om was a huge hit. Luck by Chance though...