Hrithik misses little boy's funeral

Published On: 2014-01-30

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Hrithik misses little boy's funeral


Source: Filmfare 

Date: November 24, 2010 


Hrithik Roshan was hospitalized recently after an allergic reaction to a medication. He was discharged after a day. So much so good. But few know that when he got the attack, he was actually on his way to attend a funeral. Thing is he was sponsoring a young boy Ashutosh, who was terminally ill. The actor was taking care of his medical expenses. 


The boy had been expressing a desire to meet the actor but given his busy schedule around the release of Guzaarish, Hrithik couldn’t find the time to meet the boy. And then the boy passed away.


Hrithik it seems felt really terrible and guilty about it. He was on his way to the funeral when he suffered form an attack and had to be hospitalized.