Hrithik chats with fans at Delhi airport

Published On: 2014-02-04

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Hrithik chats with fans at Delhi airport

Source: DC

Date: November 30th, 2010


There are some stars who make a production out of wanting to appear invisible in public spaces after becoming famous. Then there are some who are comfortable with their success and enjoy the attention it brings. Hrithik Roshan seems belong to the latter category. The actor went to Delhi on Thursday evening to attend Arjun Rampal’s birthday party. Rampal celebrated his birthday by throwing a grand bash at his lounge bar in the capital and flying down many celebs from B town. But, while returning to Mumbai the next day, Hrithik was stuck at the Delhi airport for over seven hours.


A friend of Hrithik’s said, “Hrithik was stuck at the Delhi airport as his flight was delayed by seven hours. He had no other option but to remain in the VIP lounge of the airport. He wasn’t feeling too well but instead of complaining Hrithik seemed to be enjoying interacting with the public. He was chatting with each and everyone who came up to him. His fans couldn’t get enough of him. The seven long hours just flew by, and instead of throwing a tantrum because he was stuck, the star made the most of the delay and enjoyed all the attention he received.”