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Published On: 2014-02-16

Author: Veronica

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Dear Hrithik,


For a very long time I have I been aspiring to write to you, to express the feelings overflowing me. But today I would dare and do it at last. It is an Internet friend of mine, Roma, who encouraged me, and Roma, in his turn, had been encouraged by examples given in your films.

Ten years ago, because of a tragic accident, Roma, then a young boy, became invalid, just as it had happened with Etan, with the only difference that he is able to move his hands.


One day, conversing with me, my friend confessed that he became so exhausted during those ten years that he didn’t want to live further. I was frightened very much and tried to remind him of his parents’ love, of the people whom he loved himself. That time I managed to convince him, but I wasn’t sure he would remain constantly calm, and maybe some day, when I weren’t near him, he’d commit some irreparable actions…


Then, in order to distract Roma from dark thoughts and to provide him with good impressions, I acquainted him with you, Hritik: I have sent him some copies of films where you play the leading roles. "Koi Mil Gaya", "Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage" and "Mujhse Dosti Karoge?"…


Some time after that Roma sent me a message saying: «I has registered myself in a social network, are you there?" I was happy because earlier I couldn't persuade him to do it. Why was it so? It was so because Roma had watched both "Rohits" played by you, and they have turned over his consciousness. He can't formulate what precisely was changed, but he became another person. As to the film "With me you will be on friendly terms", it has revived his belief in the true friendship.


You know, after having watched all these films he started to try to move, began to sit with the help of special equipment. Earlier he didn't want to try…

Roma wanted to watch all your films, so I gave him the addresses of sites where they can be found. When I learned that Roma has watched GUZARISH, I became very worried, lest the thoughts of death would return to him anew, but to my surprise he has answered me with the words of Etan: "Forget quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, smile impetuously». And he added; “The doctor couldn't deceive Etan and has told him that there was no Chance left for him, but to me such words weren’t said, so I will struggle".


Roma called you “the Man-Emotion”. He would like very much to express his gratitude to you, but he doesn’t know English, so I am writing this letter for both of us. The fact that Roma wants now to be treated, to struggle, is your victory! Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a perfect director, but it was your mastery that helped myself and my Internet-friend to change our views on life. And I am immensely grateful to you for it! Thanks to your talent, one more person on the Earth became happier.


All images created by you are surprisingly remarkable. All your heroes are 100 % authentic. But as to GUZARISH … I have expected that the film would make huge, strong impression on me, I was ready to cry. But having seen it, my soul was shaken to the depth… The eyes of Etan, your eyes… I cannot find words to express my feelings. So much force, wisdom, light! Those eyes smiled when Etan joked and in another second they turned to bottomless lakes of a pain! All your movements are so exact, so natural, be it the position of hands, or the situation when people help Etan to sit in the car, or when he is held "standing" at the cemetery... I can evaluate the exactness of your playing so confidently because since my birth I am an invalid and cannot walk. I too, like Etan, has spent long years in reclining position. Now I can move on a carriage. Tremendous film, tremendous role played by you. All is harmonious and expedient! It is one of the best works of yours, Hrithik. Your talent helps not only to entertain people and adorn their life, it also makes people think, and sometimes rescues them, as in Roma’s case!


I am very happy that I had the chance to find and join the remarkable forum devoted to your creative work. Its participants call it «Green Village». It is the first such Russian-language forum in Internet. Roma, who became now one of your admirers, has joined our forum too. The green color of the Forum pages is not casual, for it is the color of Hope.


So now please receive the best greetings for the forthcoming New Year from me, from Roma my Internet-friend and from all admirers of your talent! We wish you and your family to be healthy and happy! Let the New Year bring much luck to you and all your dreams come true!

Congratulations with Masala Awards!


With sincere love,


Veronica and all dwellers of the «Green Village».