To his heart's content

Published On: 2014-02-17

Author: Yogen Shah

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To his heart's content


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: December 22, 2010 


After sharing a seven-year-long relationship with Dilkhush, a school for special children, the actor finally pays them a visit. The pictures speak a thousand words. And somewhere amongst those smiling kids, you notice the look of pure tenderness on Hrithik's face: his impromptu pout while hugging one of the kids says it all. 

The actor paid the special kids of Dilkhush School in Juhu a visit recently. The actor has been associated with the school since 2003 but he never managed to visit the students. Clearly, it was a very special occasion for the students when he finally turned up on Sunday morning. 


He was invited as the guest of honour to inaugurate the school's yearly exhibition where these kids make handicrafts and put them out on sale. Sister Bindu, one of the school members, told Mumbai Mirror, "Hrithik has been associated with us since 2003 but he always preferred to keep a low profile. 


A couple of weeks ago, he even gave us money to buy a bus." Hrithik had tears in his eyes when he hugged the children and got a group picture clicked with them. Sister Bindu added, "On Sunday morning he came here to inaugurate the exhibition. Every year we have an exhibition cum sale to raise money from stuff made by these special kids who are above 18. After looking through their creations, Hrithik met them and sang and danced with them. He was very touched when one of the kids sang the title song of his first film Kaho naa…. Pyar Hai."



Hrithik's charitable ways


Source: Filmfare 

Date: December 21, 2010 


Hrithik Roshan is a big one when it comes to charity. He’s been consistently helping the school for special children, Dilkhush, with monetary funds for the past ten years. And that too without anyone knowing about it. Even the school didn’t have an inkling that Hrithik was their patron. 


When the deluge happened on 26 July 2005, he funded an entire wall to be built around the school to keep the children safe. When the school authorities realised the role Hrithik had played in making their school safe, they were full of gratitude. They promptly called on him and invited him to the school. Hrithik was only too pleased to go across and meet the kids. The kids in turn couldn’t stop smiling.