Hrithik spends time with Poonam Dhillon's son

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik spends time with Poonam Dhillon's son

Source: Mid Day

Date: December 28, 2010



Poonam Dhillon's son, Anmol recently met his idol Hrithik Roshan. He aspires to be a dancing sensation and an actor like his idol.


Says a source, ""Poonam doesn't take her son to too many filmi events but last week when Anmol heard Hrithik was coming to one, he pleaded with his mother to take him to it as he's a big fan. Poonam had to relent.


When Hrithik entered, he spoke to the mother-son duo warmly and even later posed for pictures with the boy.""


The source adds, ""What was cute was that Anmol brought his own camera along and asked his mother to take pictures while he posed.


In the media frenzy, Hrithik was getting late as he had to rush for another appointment but he still took time out for Anmol and clicked pictures with him.""


Poonam confirms, ""This is the first time that Anmol met Hrithik. That's why I took him along. He loves Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapur too.


My son wants to be an actor and seems to be showing a passion for films. I have told him to complete his studies.


He's currently studying business and marketing in the USA and wants to do an acting course in the UK next year.


His dad (film producer Ashok Thakeria) and I have told him we will support him as Anmol is a great dancer and is talented.""


Hrithik with Anmol Dhillon (Image)