Grandpa's glares give Hrithik a scare

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Upala KBR

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Grandpa's glares give Hrithik a scare

Source: Mid Day

Date: January 4, 2011

By: Upala KBR



Hrithik Roshan bought his grandpa a pair of sunglasses at Dubai mall but was mobbed while leaving. The actor escaped with scratches and bruises


Hrithik Roshan had to literally fight through thousands of fans in his bid to get his maternal grandfather J Om Prakash a particular pair of glares he wears.


Says a source close to Hrithik, ""Duggu is very close to his naana (but calls him deda) and always picks up stuff for him whenever he's travelling abroad.


Last Saturday, while he was in Dubai, Hrithik wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses for his naana an exact copy of what he himself wears. The grandpa had admired it and the actor wanted to surprise him by buying it for him.""


Little did Roshan Jr know that it would become a scary experience for them. ""He took his naana to the Mall of Emirates since it was a holiday but hadn't realised that it would be packed and that the crowds would mob him when they saw him shopping. Hrithik was more worried about getting his grandfather away from the milling crowds.


He dived into the nearest showroom, managed to get the exact pair after selecting everything carefully and with the help of 20 security guards, managed to get his grandfather out of the mall in one piece.""


Duggu himself wasn't that lucky.


""He got scratched on his hand and bruised on his arms as the crowds wouldn't stop clawing at and pushing him but he feels it was worth it. The injuries on his body were nothing compared to the big grin his granddad sported for the rest of the trip.""


Apparently this particular brand was special for Hrithik. ""He only wears that brand and wanted to buy his granddad the same pair. Hrithik wanted to gift his granddad something for New Year's.""


Says J Om Prakash, ""I have never seen such a gorgeous beginning to a New Year.


Dubai was visually spectacular and the emotional food for me in my old age was that Duggu (Hrithik), Guddu (Rakesh Roshan) and Pinky looked after me so wonderfully.


I witnessed Hrithik's popularity in a foreign country and it was a treat for me. Hrithik was mobbed in the malls of Dubai and I witnessed it as I was with him.""


Hrithik's naana brims with pride as he recounts his trip to Dubai with his grandson and the gift his grandson got him.


""I was cleaning my glasses when Hrithik asked me, 'Deda, what are you wearing?' When I said it was a very nice pair of glasses he said 'I think you deserve a Rayban now.' Duggu is a very loving boy and after that we set forth to the mall looking for it.


He took one hour selecting the correct frames and glasses and made sure that they reached me on time as they normally take three days to deliver.


We walked out and he got mobbed. A family of six was discussing Hrithik's fantastic performance in Guzaarish.


When I told Hrithik what they said, he gave me that bewitching smile of his and then we had to rush off as the crowd just kept increasing.""