Hrithik shoots for 17 hours with injury

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik shoots for 17 hours with injury

Source: HT

Date: Feb 2, 2011


The actor filmed the promo of his first dance reality show after enduring injections and heavy painkillers for muscle tear


Hrithik Roshan, whose Agneepath remake produced by Karan Johar went on floors last night, has been literally burning the midnight oil for his upcoming dance reality show, Just Dance, on Star Plus. The actor,despite having a muscle tear in his chest area, shot for17 hours continuously to complete the promos for his debut as judge on the TV show which was earlier called Dance Olympic.


Roshan reported for shooting on Monday at 9am, and wrapped at 2 am on Tuesday morning at a studio located in Malad. His schedule included rehearsals and the actual promo shoot. The actor,despite experiencing pain, continued to shoot. After a point,he consumed painkillers, and was also given a shot in his arm so that his pain was temporarily taken care of.


A close associate of the actor confirms the events, saying, “He was extremely co-operative. He didn’t want the teams from SOL Productions,the company producing the show, and Star Plus to reschedule the shoot because it would have meant a lot of monetary and other damages. He took his medicines,and completed everything he was supposed to.”

A source from the production house adds, “Hrithik was extremely professional. He didn’t let us cancel the shoot though we offered to do that because we were really concerned about his health. Since he understands the nuances of production, he decided to continue.”

The promo of Just Dance is expected to break in a few days. The show is likely to start around mid-2011 and will feature dancers from various countries.

Reportedly,the channel and the production house approached Roshan Jr in the last quarter of 2010,just ahead of his year-end release, Guzaarish. The actor, acknowledged in the movies for his dance skills has apparently offered a fee of R 2crore an episode.

If industry speculation is anything to go by,the show, which is expected to run into 56 episodes, will fetch Roshan anything between R 90 and 112 crore, turning him into one of the highest paid Bollywood exports on TV.Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar, who were paid approximately between R 1.5 and R 1.75 crore for their shows, would rank second and third then.


Hrithik dances his way through chest pain
Source: Mumbai Mirror

Anxious moments for TV production team that watched him put in 10 back-breaking hours of shoot ignoring fever and a nasty muscle pull

When Hrithik dances, you watch with bated breath. The production team of a dance reality show too held its breath as the star shimmied his way through gruelling hours of a promo shoot.

Only, they were on their edge as Hrithik was battling excruciating chest pain and fatigue, and there was no telling when the pain killers would stop acting.

On January 26, while rehearsing at home for his upcoming dance show, Hrithik pulled a chest muscle. Says a source close to the star, “He was in a lot of pain, but ignored it to rehearse again the next day. Things got worse after that and from January 27 to 31, he was completely incapacitated.”

Hrithik got up and got going and on January 2 to shoot for Zoya Akhtar's promo shot in the morning at Mehboob Studio. “He was on a heavy dose of antibiotics for his fever and pain killers for his muscle pull. And by the time he reached Malad's Cherish Studio for the reality show shoot, we were sick with concern about his well-being,” says a source from the TV unit.

But Hrithik managed to put in another 10 hours of back-breaking shoot the next day as well, much to everyone's surprise and relief. “You could see the pain on his face and we were all hoping and praying that nothing untoward happens to him,” says the source, adding, “Not once did you hear him complain or talk about giving up.

”Commending the star on his dedication, Fazila Allana, managing director of the production house said, “Everything eventually went smoothly and we finished shooting for the promos as planned.” The star remained unavailable for comment.