Every day is a day of love: Hrithik

Published On: 2014-03-21

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Every day is a day of love: Hrithik


Source: TOI 

Date: Feb 14, 2011 


Hrithik Roshan and his wife Susanne Khan are back in action. The duo is seen attending social dos together. When we got talking to Hrithik and asked him how Susanne and he keep the love growing, he simply said, "I work! We work!" Work? "Oh, yes, what I mean, is that Susanne and I work at everything together - we discuss everything, and we have two beautiful kids now. We are enjoying just watching them grow." So how is it when Hrithik is out of the house working on his films? "Well, I'm a working lady, too," smiles Susanne. "My work and my kids keep me going. And of course, Hrithik is always around." Any special plans for Valentine's Day? "Not really. Every day is a day of love for us," insists the happy couple. ----


Hrithik Roshan's a do-gooder


Hrithik Roshan isn't usually known to attend non-filmi events. But today, he's making an exception by agreeing to be the chief guest at the École Mondiale World School's sports day. The reason being that the school is also holding a talent contest for special children. When the actor, who has been advised rest to recover from a muscle tear, heard about this special talent contest, he immediately agreed to attend. Ever since Roshan was introduced to Dilkhush Special School by wife Sussanne, he has been always supporting the children and recently donated a bus for them too.