I proposed on Valentine's Day: Hrithik

Published On: 2012-01-02

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I proposed on Valentine's Day

Source: HT

Date: Feb 14, 2011



Hrithik and Sussanne celebrate many years of togetherness actor talks about the myriad forms of love


His Greek God looks and fortune have made him the most voted desirable Valentine by a woman's magazine. The compliment instantly puts a smile on Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussanne's faces. “Love should always make you smile. If it brings pain, anger, sadness and hate then it's obsession,“ reasons the star.

Hrithik, who has played a lover boy in countless films in the last decade, singles out Koi...Mil Gaya, Jodhaa Akbar and Guzaarish amongst his most memorable cinematic romances.

“The purity of emotions made Koi...Mil Gaya the sweetest love story. It's not easy to love a mentally challenged boy but Preity's (Zinta) character went beyond looks to recognise the soul. And made this impossible story possible,“ he says.

Jodhaa Akbar was visually stunning and poetic but what made it distinctive for Hrithik were the two lead characters who proved that love knows no communal barriers. “And Guzaarish is special because though everything was left unsaid yet in the end you felt love that not even death could take away,“ he says.

For Hrithik, February 14 is a celebration of love's many forms. In some countries, a stranger leaves sweets out for children and he'd want to do the same for his sons. In some parts, it's about celebrating your roots and remembering the Christian martyrs who sacrificed their lives for love.

“I don't believe in dying for love, it's more courageous to live. But everyday, we make small, sweet sacrifices because we want to,“ he adds. “And our love for our grandparents and parents keep us rooted.“

One Valentine's Day, a year after he started dating Sussanne, he went down on his knees on Juhu beach and proposed to her.

“I'd known since I was 12 that she was the girl for me but that was the big moment, complete with a ring,“ he smiles and says. “Earlier, on another February 14, I'd told her those three most important words, `I love you.'“

A month ago, at an award ceremony in Singapore, Sussanne publicly declared her love for him and an overwhelmed Hrithik is trying hard to match up.

“I'm a shy guy, it's hard to be so spontaneous in front of the world. But on February 27, Sussanne will be opening her shop and I'm so proud of her. For 15 years, she has supported me in my career. Now I want to be her pillar and punching board,“ says the proud husband.

When his wax model was unveiled at Madame Tussaud's last month, his wife had said that now there are two of him to love. Does he feel threatened by his lookalike?

“No, I wish he could walk and talk as that would make life so much easier. I'd stay with Sussanne and send the wax model out to work,“ says the actor.