Hrithik Roshan's 'body of work'

Published On: 2014-03-23

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Hrithik Roshan’s ‘body of work' to be published


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: Feb 7, 2011 


Duggu’s body is going to be the subject of a chapter by a professor of film studies at the University of North Carolina Hrithik Roshan will be the subject of an academic book based on Indian cinema, written by Nandana Bose, assistant professor for the Department of Film Studies, at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington NC, U.S.A. The subject: his body. 


Our source tells us, “The writer, Bose, is speaking to various filmmakers who have worked with him and then penning an entire chapter on him. The chapter focuses on how Hrithik has worked on his body, starting from his debut to now. The book also chronicles the decisive changes in the way the male body is represented on the Indian screen. The chapter will draw from scenes in Jodhaa Akbar, Krrish, Dhoom 2, etc.” The source further said that the book “will be made available to all the students to know about Hrithik's journey and the way he has gone about his character.”