Hrithik helps out Sussanne

Published On: 2014-03-28

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Hrithik helps out Sussanne


Source: TOI 

Date: Feb 23, 2011 


Just a day before Hrithik Roshan started filming for the ambitious remake of Agneepath, he was spotted in Andheri with his wife Sussanne trying to oversee the business venture that she is rolling out. Eyewitnesses inform TOI that Hrithik has been a regular at this part of the suburb for the last 15 days. On probing, we learned that the actor is hands on with his wife's business plan. 


"He has been seen in Andheri almost every single day. Hrithik's wife has been with him and they have been overseeing the work that is going on for Sussanne's business venture. He is very passionate about what his wife is doing and is extremely proud telling the world about it. Sussanne's business will have a grand launch soon and Hrithik wanted to make sure that he is on top of things and completes as much important work as he can before he starts Agneepath," says a source close of the star. 


Hrithik had told TOI, "I will be a constant support for Sussanne. I'm very happy and proud that she has decided to do something like this. It has been her dream and I will be there beside her to make sure that things are always in place." Sussanne's gang of girls Gauri Khan, Mehr Jessia, Nandita Mahtani among others certainly will be the prime feature among many others at the launch.