Katrina woos Hrithik's kids

Published On: 2014-04-05

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Katrina woos Hrithik’s kids


Source: Deccan C 

Date: March 3, 2011 


During the making of Tees Maar Khan, Katrina Kaif got along fabulously well with director Farah Khan’s son Czar. And on the sets of Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, the charming lady is again working her charms with the kids. Sources close to the actor say that Katrina loves spending time with Hrithik Roshan’s sons Hridhaan and Hrehaan and plays games with them on the sets whenever they are around. The two toddlers, on their part, are also very impressed by Kat and don’t leave her side even for a minute.


 “Katrina is very fond of kids. Whenever she is shooting, she makes it a point to carry gifts and chocolates for kids around her,” the source revealed. “She finds children innocent and genuine. She feels happy spending time around them. So when she comes across kids during her shoots, she gives them all her attention, signs autographs and even distributes gifts.” In fact, the source added, when Hrithik’s wife Sussane opened her store recently, Katrina was there and ensured she spent time with the kids first.



Katrina bonds with Hrithik’s kids



Date:March 1, 2011 


Katrina Kaif seems to have developed a thing for two young boys. Don’t get us wrong, the boys in question are Hrithik Roshan’s sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan and Ms Kaif is totally smitten by the cute kids. At a recently held function, she was seen bonding big time with the superstar’s kids. She joined both of them in playing board games and some other kiddie stuff. Everyone was surprised at the ease with which she got along with the kids. And by the looks of it, the boys were more than happy to be in the company of Katrina aunty.