Hrithik off the social network

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik off the social network

Source: DNA India

Date: March 10, 2011



Actor Hrithik Roshan is planning to go off the social radar for a while. The star, say sources, has been gradually refusing appearance requests and party invitations as he's planning to keep off the party circuit for a couple of months.

“Since he wants to stay in character for the Agneepath remake and is also planning to work double shifts for it, which will leave him little time for a social life,” says a source close to him.

Apparently the actor is already reeling under the pressure of a non-stop shooting scheduled for the film. “He has given back-to-back dates, and the way the schedule has been drawn up leaves little scope for him to even fall ill. A gap of even one day will throw the whole routine out of gear, and Hrithik doesn’t want to do anything that would pose a risk to the film,” add the source.

A recent bout of allergy after an accidental dose is also a factor that seems to have influenced Roshan to take steps to withdraw from the party circuit during the making of the film. “Hrithik is not interested in partying these days. He was recently taken ill from an allergy to anti-biotics. Also, there is the knee problem that keeps haunting him all the time. Though his wife (Sussanne) might continue to make appearances and keep up the dates with her old pals,” the source adds.

However, there’s an exception to the whole list — Shah Rukh and Gauri. “Gauri and Sussanne are BFFs. Besides, Hrithik can never say no to SRK. If he calls even in the middle of the night, Hrithik will go there. In any case, SRK’s parties (at Mannat) are strictly-at-home dos where they just lounge around,” the source adds.

Roshan apparently has already asked his secretary to bring out his appointment diary and have asked him to strike off most of his engagements that require him to socialise at the end of it.