Hall of Fame 3: A Love Story

Published On: 2012-05-30

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Hrithik and Suzanne: A Love Story


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Bollywood has seen many inter-religious marriages. One of the most talked about is the union of Hrithik with Suzanne, the daughter of Zarine and Sanjay Khan. Although both of them hail from a film industry background, Suzanne has kept away from the idea of joining films. Hrithik, on the other hand knew what he wanted. He had a strong desire to become an actor, something Suzanne when she was his girlfriend was fully aware of. 

But, where did this love story begin? That, the key question, merits an answer first. 

At that juncture where vehicles stop compulsorily when the lights change from red to green-the traffic signal-the twosome met each other for the first time. Actually, Hrithik just caught a glimpse of her and that was enough to set his heart palpitating as he endeavored to find who the girl was.

Perseverance paid off, and he managed to track her down, Suzanne was charmed by the young man, and it wasn’t much later that the twosome could be seen in Juhu, the locality where they stayed and they quickly became popular as one of the happening couples who were in love. This was well before KNPH had happened, but both Hrithik and Suzanne had no doubts that they wanted to get married and be with each other for the rest of their lives.

The Roshans had always seen to it that the kids had a secular upbringing. During the festive of Idd, both Hrithik and Sunaina would participate in the revelry in the house where the guests would come and enjoy the festival with the true spirit of communal harmony that marks the film industry of Mumbai. When it came to marrying Suzanne however, Hrithik did have the odd butterfly in his stomach because she was Muslim. But he thought if anybody raised any objection to the marriage, he would reiterate what his parents had taught him since childhood.

Then same the D Day, in this case, the Declaration Day when Hrithik chose to spell out his desire in front of his dotting Mom. He walked up to the lady and told her about his intention to marry Suzanne. He broke the news that Suzanne was Muslim, but she was not ruffled at all. When the father got to know about it, he was absolutely thrilled although he shared a concern that was in common with Suzanne: since Hrithik’s would be parents in law were lose to them, he also told his son that in no way should he hurt the girl.

With no objections from either side, and the matter of religion being transformed into a non-issue because of the liberal attitude of both the families, it was time for the couple to come together as man and wife. That they did on the 20th December 2000, and Suzanne’s father Sanjay Khan’s huge spa named Golden Palms was the venue. By that time, Hrithik was already a huge star following the phenomenal success pf his first film KNPH, and a huge number of fans gravitated towards the venue with the hope that they would be able to catch a fleeting glimpse of the actor they adored so much.

With the marriage of the year about to take place, the venue with was 27 km’s away from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Pune road had turned into a fort because the local police were keen to obliterate the possibility of any sort of security lapse. Around the 20-acre estate, three platoons of the Karnataka police with each of them having 51 cops were put on duty for a marriage in which the entry was reserved for the lucky or the privileged of course.

For those interested in star signs, this was a marriage in which a Capricorn (Hrithik) united with a Scorpio (Suzanne, whose DOB is October 26). The entire manner in which the marriage ceremony was conducted was unique to say the least. The pool in the Golden Palms spa that is supposed to be the biggest in Asia has an island-like structure at the center. Hrithik who has always been fascinated by Church weddings reached this island-like area with Suzanne by walking across a bridge that connects the space right from the pool’s edge. The couple walked across the bridge that played the role of an aisle, took their vows and signed the register.

It is not that the media was entirely ignored before this spectacle took place in the presence of family and guests. Hrithik who had become a huge star by then showed no signs of having developed any sorts of airs as he met the press in the middle of the haldi ritual and reflected on how his fans would react to his early marriage which is not at all common in the film industry. “There will be no heartburn,” he said as him lips crumbled into a broad smile. “They are my well-wishers. They will continue to wish me luck and success. They will wish me all the best.” The actor was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a shirt, and he was also wearing a mustard sports coat while a garland of jasmine flowers decked up his neck when he addressed the press from the first-floor of the building. No media product could have avoided reporting on this moment that, for many of Hrithik’s young female fans, must have been pretty heart breaking for sure.

Actor-director Feroz Khan, who happens to be Hrithik’s uncle-in-law, was justifiably ecstatic. As he said: “ Suzanne is out last daughter and I am very happy that she’s getting married.” And yes, here is some news for the trivia buffs. Hrithik went to the venue of his wedding on a white horse that had been brought over the truck a few days ago. His wedding dress was white gold-embroidered Jodhpuri suit designed by Rocky S while Suzanne’s dress for the special occasion had been designed by Tarun Tahiliani.

The marriage was an epitome of the integrity between the two different religious communities. What better could one have asked for compared to the one moment which is when the couple exchanged rings, and Hrithik’s grandfather J Om Prakash chanted the Gayatri mantra accompanied by Sanjay Khan who knew it equally well. In keeping with secular traditions, Suzanne and Hrithik have walked down the Vaishnodevi, a place for worship for the Hindus, and only because Suzanne was insistent that they should. She worships in the Mandir at the house of the Roshans, and observes the karva chauth, a Hindu ritual meant for married women who pray for the well being of their husbands by fasting on that particular day.

That Hrithik for married to Suzanne amidst speculations that he just might change his decision after becoming a huge superstar just shows how much he loves the girl who has been by his side for years. Media calculations went haywire when the marriage was solemnized, and the young actor did justice to his father’s observation made a few months before the twosome tied the knot:” Hrithik has been in love with the girl since the tenth standard in school. In all probability they are going to get married next year. People know she is his fiancée, we don’t deny it. He is not going to dump her after taking her out all these years. She loved him when he was nobody, he still loves her when he has become such a huge star.”

In this interview to Showtime, papa Roshan also gave the credit due to Suzanne for being able to deal with her boyfriend’s fans. “ Hrithik loves all his fans. Suzanne is unfazed by all this as she also comes from a film family. She wishes success for him, and once a star reaches the top, you have to be prepared to deal with all that follows with success. So Suzanne knows that she will have to share him with all his fans.”

With the khan family to which Suzanne belongs, the actor shared a fantastically smooth relationship that remains blissful despite the baggage of stardom that every star must carry. Surely that is since the Khans who constitute one of the most significant film families know what being a big star means and, hence, can understand Hrithik much better than an average person would. The actor is great friends with Zayed, Suzanne’s brother and an upcoming actor in his own right. Talking about Hrithik, Zayed says: “I don’t have a typical brother-in-law kind of relationship with Hrithik. First we’re friends and then comes the relation bit. Hrithik is an introvert, so he takes some time to open up. Once he gets comfortable in your company then nothing can stop him from being ‘just another boy’. He is very much the same person that he was pre-KNPH. He is absolutely devoid of any starry airs. An absolutely adorable person he has proved time and again that he can strike a good balance between his personal and professional life.” 

Zayed, who is just starting out in the industry, needs help from time to time. And who else does he need to go to when he has such a nice brother-in-law close by? “A lot of times I have gone to Hrithik with my problems. And I must say that he made sure of solving them. He is a good listener, very patient and tolerant. I think, that over the years Hrithik has also become wiser. Not that he wasn’t earlier. I can feel a certain maturity in him after the criticism, the downfall that he faced in his career. After bouncing back in action after the stupendous success of Koi Mil Gaya, Hrithik always has this look of victory on his face whenever he attends any filmi do’s.” 

Hrithik has helped Zayed in several ways, and one of them relates to the latter’s desire for having a good built. “Since we’re both in the same field, I tent to take lots of advice from him. My well-toned body and biceps are courtesy Hrithik. I remember both of us developed this fetish of having a great body and hence started working out day and night like maniacs. Those days he was dating my sister Suzanne. I must admit that initially I wasn’t quit sure of him as a person. I guess it’s a very brotherly thing. But I was wrong, my sister is very happy with him. And that means the world to me.”

Hrithik and Suzanne’s was a relationship that was destined to culminate in marriage. That it did, and with great fanfare. After the marriage, the couple faced the off moment that has been uncomfortable for the two of them. But that can take nothing away from the fact that both Bollywood’s Mr. Nice Guy and Suzanne have been dealing with the marriage most remarkably even while the actor works towards conquering newer heights of success in his professional life.