Hero worshipped

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hero worshipped

Source: Hindustan Times

Date: April 9,2011



Must say, Hrithik Roshan's popularity is only increasing by the minute, announces Safedi Lal as he strolls into my penthouse. What are you talking about, I wonder, and my dhobi replies that he's astounded by the way Hrithik's fans worship him.


One such guy made it to the Mumbai auditions of Just Dance, the forthcoming television show on which Duggu dude is one of the judges. My washerman learnt that this contestant literally prays to his idol.


Meaning, the first thing this lad does after getting ready, is to sit down to pray in front of Hrithik's photograph, complete with agarbatti, diya and aarti.


And only after he's finished with his hero-worship, does the guy go about his daily routine. Really now!