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Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik spends time with kids

Source: HT

Date: April 12, 2011


Daddy ho toh Hrithik Roshan jaisa, enthuses my dhobi as he walks into my penthouse. What are you talking about, I wonder and Safedi Lal gushes about how the actor is particular about spending the required quality time with his sons, Hridaan and Hrehaan.


I'm told that when the actor started shooting during nights for the remake of Agneepath, his sons would be off at playschool by the time he got home. So he made it a point to make up for the lost time before he reported to work.


Duggu dude ensured that he devoted his evenings to his sons, before he left for his shoot. So he's now woven his schedule around the time he spends with them. Safedi explains that the actor finishes his kasratbaazi by the time his kids wake up from their afternoon nap, so he can spend considerable time with them, including playing with them in the evenings.