Time's up!

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Time's up!

Source: DNA

Date: April 14, 2011


Hrithik Roshan worked for 50 hours without sleep to meet the deadline for his impending TV debut


Hrithik Roshan seems to be aiming to create a record — the actor recently worked for 50 hours on the trot for his film without any sleep!

"Hrithik is very particular about how much rest his body is getting, but since his television debut is drawing near, he is racing against time to complete his shooting schedule. He wants to quicken the pace of his work as it is piling up," says a source close to the star, adding he's over-exerting himself to accommodate so many things into a tight schedule.

Since Hrithik's TV debut shoots are slated to start in May, the star doesn't have any more time on his hands to spare than what he has already allotted. To top it all, the channel has apparently requested him to shoot for a music video for his dance show, for which he needs to give three days. The star is supposed to take a few days off next week to shoot for the video.

"Last Thursday, he was told that he might have to shoot for a couple of days more because he's running behind schedule. Hrithik then decided to do a triple shift for the two days. He worked for 50 hours continuously, and didn't sleep a wink. Everybody was worried about him that he might end up over exerting himself but Hrithik was adamant about completing the shooting," the source adds.

The star was cooped up in his vanity van, and took a brief break in between just to go to the gym and re-read the script. In fact, if you thought that Sunday was a break for the star, it was not.

"On Sunday he always takes an off but he chose to finish a few more patchworks last Sunday also. This has not affected his health he is doing fine," the source ends.