Fans send Hrithik's buttons flying

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Fans send Hrithik's buttons flying

Source: HT

Date: April 24, 2011


Over-enthusiastic crowd mobs star during a fleeting visit to Delhi


Hrithik Roshan, accompanied by wife Sussanne, was in Delhi last Thursday for the launch of sister-in-law Farah Khan's jewellery store at the DLF Emporio Mall.


Also present on the occasion were Farah's star brother Zayed and actor cousin Fardeen with wife Natasha. The Khans sparked off plenty of excitement amongst Delhiites but it was the sight of Hrithik that drove them wild.


In their over-enthusiasm to shake hands with him, some fans tugged at his jacket and a couple of buttons went flying. He also ended up with scratches on his hands.


Farah confirms the news but insists that the fans were only showing their affection for the stars who later obligingly posed for pictures with some of the guests. After the launch, the Khan family and the Roshans partied at Hype, a popular nightspot owned by Farah's DJ husband, Aqeel.

“I'm told we had a better turnout than the Louis Vuitton store that opened a couple of days earlier,“ beams Farah who now has a store each in Mumbai and Delhi, along with nightspots in both metros.

After the party, Hrithik took the first flight back to Mumbai so he could report on the sets of Agneepath on schedule.

Jewel in the Khan crown
Source: TOI
Date: April 24, 2011

Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, whose designs have made its way to Delhi now, says she lives to design jewellery

Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan, Sanjay and Zarine Khan, Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan and wife Natasha… the whole family turned up to congratulate Farah Khan Ali on her store (Farah Khan Fine Jewellery) opening at DLF Emporio. But what bedazzled everyone was not the stars, even though most present jostled their way and got pics clicked with Hrithik, who’d begun to look slightly glazed by the time he left – it was Farah’s jewellery on display.

Family for Farah

And then, Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan came. Suddenly, out of nowhere, simpering aunties and their squealing betis appeared in droves, wanting to get clicked with Hrithik. But amid all this, Hrithik touched his ma-in-law’s feet, hugged his pa-in-law and greeted Fardeen and Zayed, as Farah’s hubby DJ Aqeel joined in.

By now, the venue was packed, and champagne was flowing freely. Farah quickly took everyone upstairs to show off the Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Store to her family. As Sussanne looked at the jewellery, she adjusted her hair, and Hrithik said, “She’s looking at her hair in the reflection, thank God!” Someone also asked Fardeen whether Natasha likes jewellery and what he buys for her, and he joked, “To have a wife who likes jewellery is one thing, but to have a wife whose birthstone is the diamond is quite another!”

In one corner of the store, a bunch of kids were waiting patiently for Hrithik to pose with them and sign autographs. Hrithik got busy doing that, and that’s when Sussanne turned… and saw Saba Shaikh. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, rushing to hug her. “Saba’s an old friend,” she said. We also overheard that Sanjay and Zarine just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, and Sussanne was saying, “And my mom and dad-in-law will celebrate 40 years of being together two days later.” Sometime during the conversation, she also confessed that she wants to learn Italian. Everyone also exclaimed over the tattoo she had on her left forearm, with someone saying “it looks like the Harley Davidson logo,” and everyone laughed.

Soon, the stars decided to leave, but thanks to the jam, they had to walk the few paces to their car. Fardeen tried to lift Sussanne, and she squealed, and the star khandaan left, laughing and chatting.

Later, we asked Farah where they’d all gone. “We all went to a pub, and then to someplace else. For us, the party wound up at 5 in the morning. But we were all so happy, we caught up and spent time like this after years.”