Surily Goel is stylist for Hrithik's TV show

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Surily Goel is stylist for Hrithik's TV show


Source : Hindustan Times

Date: April 25,2011


If all goes well, fashion designer Surily Goel will be styling actor Hrithik Roshan for his TV debut, dance reality show Just Dance on Star Plus.She has also styled him for his first music video for the show that will be on air soon, and all his print and audiovisual promos that are currently making the rounds.


Usually, Anahita Shroff Adajania and Goel are two designers who work closely with the actor for his personal styling. As for films, Roshan Jr works with any designer the director and the producer are comfortable with.When asked, Goel says, “I haven't signed on the dotted line yet because the dates and other details haven't been worked out yet. But it's correct that I styled him for the video and all the promos.

Lot of people from the production team and the channel who've seen the video are pretty kicked about it.“

The fashion designer, who has also designed Hrithik's looks for his recent clothing brand advertisements, chose a subtle colour palate for his first-ever music video, direct ed by Arjun Sablok.

“The video is about him connecting with the masses and we had to reflect his personal style in the outfits he wears. So, we've very intelligently used a neutral colour palate. He's worn lots of whites, blacks and greys because there are hundreds of dancers in the video in `jhatak' outfits. My job was to keep him with everyone but still make him stand out,“ Goel explains.

The designer, who also works on actor-TV anchor Preity Zinta's looks, adds she'd dress up Hrithik for the show depending on what the situation is like. “He'll have to be in something blingy when he's performing. But I can't dress him in bling for a regular episode,“ she states.

“He'll be in clothes blending the idea of casual and formal. And I'm sure he'll carry off anything I give him because he's a superb model. The camera really turns on the best in him."