Hrithik's ready to roll today

Published On: 2014-05-10

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STAR Plus launches the music video for the dance reality show - Just Dance


Source: Afaqs 

Date: May 17, 2011 


In the series of many firsts of marketing innovations lined up to take Maruti Suzuki presents 'Just Dance' powered by Cadbury Bournvita to an unprecedented high, STAR Plus launches the first look of a pulsating music video featuring the nation's saluted dance icon - Hrithik Roshan! The Music video, the first from a series of blockbuster videos planned for the show will simulcast on May 17th at 9pm across the Star network including STAR Plus, Star One, Star World, Star Movies, Star Pravah, Star Jalsha, Star Gold, Star Utsav and Channel V. Urging the entire nation to Just Dance, this pulsating music video captures people from various walks of life, calling them to forget their tensions and stresses and give in to the magic and joy of dance. 


This inspiring music video acts as the perfect curtain raiser to STAR Plus' magnificent dance extravaganza that will be showcased very soon on the channel! Conceptualized & directed by Arjun Sablok, this first of its' kind video showcases Hrithik Roshan doing some fabulous dance moves, displaying his passion and his philosophy of 'Sab Kuch Bhula ke Just Dance'! 


Talking about 'Just Dance' as not just a show but a movement that will capture the nation's imagination, Gayatri Yadav, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Star India, said, "Just Dance is more than the ultimate dance reality show…Just Dance is a state of mind that says forget the stresses and struggles of your everyday life and give in to the magic and joy of Dance - "Sab kuch bhula ke Just Dance!' This message has wide relevance and comes to life in this truly path-breaking music video - where Hrithik does what he does best - awesome dance and a heartfelt connect with India.” The music video boasts of a vibrant & peppy number composed by Pritam. 


The first look of this music video will be launched across the STAR Network and can be downloaded or set as ringtone by messaging DANCE to 57827 from your mobile phones. STAR Plus' Maruti Suzuki presents 'Just Dance' powered by Cadbury Bournvita is a grand global platform for dancers, who are completely passionate about their art, have a taste for exceptional dancing styles and cannot imagine an existence without it. 


The show 'Just Dance' gives a dream-come-true opportunity to passionate dancers from all over the world to match steps with Hrithik Roshan! In the last music video from the series the ultimate dance champion from the show will shoot a high octane music video with Hrithik Roshan himself! Produced by SOL, the show will start with auditions, and then proceed through eliminations, as the participants vie to be the apple of Hrithik's eye till the very best come through to the top!




Hrithik's ready to roll today


Source: HT 

Date: May 17, 2011 


Actor-turned-judge will shoot his first Just Dance episode on the weekend. Come Saturday and actor Hrithik Roshan will start shooting his TV debut, The actor is the judge on the dance reality show, that's being co-judged by choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant. The trio will can one episode a day, and the shoot will be conducted over two consecutive days. The auditions started off in Kolkata and wound up in New York last month. From hundreds of thousands of entries, a handful of applicants have been selected for the rounds that will be judged by the actor. 


The show is said to be based on the hit US TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Fazila Allana of SOL Productions, the company helming the desi version, informs, “Hrithik shot in January with us for a part of the first episode. But yes, we are shooting with him again on May 21 and 22. He will be meeting the shortlisted contestants for the first time.“ 


In February this year, Hrithik rehearsed intensely before shooting the first promo of the show at a city studio. The exercise lasted over 17 hours. He even suffered a ligament tear in the process, but took a shot in the arm and popped painkiller pills so that the shoot wouldn't be stalled. So, is the actor, currently shooting for Karan Johar's Agneepath remake, nervous about shooting his first fulllength episode? “No way. And even earlier when he shot with us, he didn't seem nervous,“ beams Fazila, adding, “Hrithik likes to go in having everything planned out. So we do a lot of pre-production meetings with him. And he prefers having rehearsed perfectly if he has to dance.“ 


Ask Hrithik what his idea of dance is and he explains that it's the most visible expression of one's emotions. “The first person who ever danced probably was supremely happy and just moved his body in such a way that the expression came to be known as dance,“ he opines. Vaibhavi and Farah will focus on choreography. Will he judge the contestants on the same parameters? “Not really,“ he asserts. “I'll focus on energy, expression and the impulse more than the choreography, because dance is all about expressing emotions. If you can demonstrate your feelings to those who're watching through your performance, I think you've succeeded as a dancer.“