Stardust Article: Dec 2004

Published On: 2012-06-02

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Will the Golden boy regain his shine?

The fear of falling cannot stop you from riding again-- Chinese Proverb.

The hermit is back from his sabbatical. He even sports long hair to go with his newly enjoyed status. Unfortunately, Hrithik Roshan was taken an exception to this wisdom. It has been more than a year since he signed his last outside banner, and more than six months since his last release.  He was living in acute paranoia say Hrithik watchers.  He would rather be associated with no work at all, than bad work. But the abstinence is still unexplained. He is, in my personal opinion, the most complete actor around, a personal favorite. With the looks of a Greek God, acting skills that warm the cockles of your heart, and dancing skills that defy the basic human bone structure. He is the perfect recipe for the Indian Palate. And yet, his insecurity is baffling. His confidence level might be running low, but the performances have only shown improvement, and as long as that graph was upwardly mobile, there seemed nothing to fear. But fear did Hrithik. To innumerable makers who approached their new box-office messiah with the lure of moolah, there seemed to be nothing that would lure him to sign on the dotted line. Don t blame the producers. With back-injured Shahrukh Khan, who stuck firmly to the Johar-Chopra combine, if there was anyone who raised faint hopes and rendered a performance, it was Hrithik. Besides, Shahrukh was way past his prime and making to his early forties, would not pass off as a spring chicken, although the Johar-Chopra camp would believe otherwise.

There have been offers galore on the Roshan appointment diary. Even the mighty Chopras have offered him home productions like  Hum Tum by Kunal Kohli and  Bunty Bubli by Shaad Ali. The rumor doing rounds has been that Hrithik has been upset that the Chopra s only considered him when it came to small directors in their camp. When Yash or Aditya directed it, the choice has to always be Shahrukh.?? 

Then there was Manish Malhotra s film, a project that was too crowded for Hrithik to showcase his talent. There have been talks with Ram Gopal Varma in the past, which have yielded zilch results. Makers have changed scripts and flouted ideas, but Hrithik insisted he wanted something different.  When  Koi& Mil Gaya was at its peak, he wanted to be the one to usher in the extra-territorial revolution. So, all the scripts he wanted developed were those regarding cosmic creatures and UFO s, said a maker who was dejected by Roshan s blinkered horse attitude. But don t blame the boy wonder. It was all the so-called big names who had failed him. The best makers, right from Karan Johar to Subash Ghai to Sooraj Barjatya, had not added anything to his repertoire or his box-office status. 

So Hrithik had been sending more mixed signals that he had received. And instead of randomly signing projects and waiting for fate and divine forces to intervene, the hero took a non-heroic pause. He preferred to wait and watch. And yes, he did not know what he was watching for. The psychosis of fear is complex and inexplicable. But the industry in hushed tones, was writing Hrithik off, his restrain was not understood. They were fearing him going the Aamir Khan way, even before he had reached the half way mark. 

The enlightenment of doing fewer films and taking indefinite sabbaticals will hold him in good stead remains to be seen, but the news is that he has three projects on the anvil now. One is his home production, which is a sequel to  Koi Mil Gaya . Then there is one international project to be made by a Hollywood director, and finally, there is Raj Kumar Santoshi s next. For all those wondering how Raj Kumar Santoshi made it to the exclusive list, it was no mean feast. It is believed that the director originally approached Hrithik with a script for a multi starrer. Roshan, who was absolutely not interested in sharing the limelight, was not up to it. The director and the actor, both, put the rejection behind them. Till Santoshi ran out of steam on the AB Corp. film  Ranveer , announced with much fanfare. It is believed that the Bachchan did not like the final draft of the film enough to put his money on it. 

So Rajkumar Santoshi had time on hand and a point to prove. This is when he came up with another story idea, which cosmic Roshan loved and unflinchingly accepted, but not before he had suggested some ideas. This is the new attitude of Hrithik Roshan. He wants to be the architect of his own destiny,  cause no one can be interested can be as interested in his career as Hrithik himself. And if he has to sink like the Titanic, might as well not want to blame someone else. 

In the course, it is the makers who approach him who are made to go around the hula-hoop and jump in and out of it. Today, as the situation demands, and with the few options around, they are willing to do the break dance Hrithik. But tomorrow with other options opening up, maybe the mantra will be  Koi Aur Mil Gaya . We hope for his sake that Hrithik s new modus operandi works by then,  cause atleast, he has dared to get on the saddle and ride again. And those who dare have already and always won.