Hrithik's high on the humour quotient!

Published On: 2014-05-15

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Hrithik's high on the humour quotient!


Source:Times of India 

Date: May 26,2011 


It's not just dancing that is Hrithik Roshan's forte as everyone on the set can swear by his high humor quotient as well.The actor who judges Star Plus' Just Dance apparently leaves everybody on the sets in splits with his witty one liners. The actor who now turns a judge is blessed with some rib tickling humor that often lightens the mood on the sets. The crew that is often stressed about the auditions and the shoots finds itself in a more positive attitude courtesy Hrithik's funny comments.It almost seems like Hrithik has taken it upon himself to ensure that his team stays positive and happy throughout the day. That's another feather in the cap for the actor, we say!