'It's uncool to be seen with a stick,': Hrithik

Published On: 2012-01-02

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'It's uncool to be seen with a stick,' says Hrithik

Source: Hindustan Times

Date: May 31,2011


You don't know whether Mark Twain actually said it or not, but yes, ""Giving up smoking is easy. I've done it hundreds of times"" is a Catch-22 for most smokers.


However,kicking the butt changed actor Hrithik Roshan's life, and he did it at one attempt.


""Giving up smoking is as hard or as easy as you make it to be. But I think that when a man decides to put his mind seriously into something that he has to do, there's nothing that is impossible for him. It's a fight for sure, but it's a battle that's going to save your life"" says Hrithik.


The actor, who reportedly used to puff more than just one packet a day, says that he hasn't touched the cancer stick ever since he made up his mind to do so. Hrithik announced that he planned to give up smoking in August last year, and he kept to it. ""All those stories about me getting nicotine patches and all are not true. I don't need to do that for anybody, I knew I was doing it for myself. You cannot say that I will give up step by step. Or I will first reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke in a day. You just need to give it up at one shot. You just need to tell yourself, 'No, I am not touching that butt anymore'. If your resolution is strong, you are going to win the battle,"" says the actor.


The actor says that it is not cool to be seen with a cigarette stick in your hands anymore. ""It doesn't add to your personality to see a cigarette dangling from your hands or lips. It kills you. The faster we learn about it, the better. I am told it is a major killer in India. I want to urge everybody to give tobacco up. Don't kill your self,"" reiterates Hrithik.