Hrithik will ride everyone to stardom: Ayushman

Published On: 2014-05-18

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Ayushman: Hrithik will ride everyone to stardom


Source: Star Plus 

Date: May 31, 2011 


Popular host Ayushman Khurrana is back to doing what he does best with STAR Plus’ ultimate dance reality show Just Dance. Having hosted numerous shows, Ayushman isn’t daunted by the judges -superstar Hrithik Roshan and choreographers Vaibhavi Merchant and Farah Khan. Happily taking all the humour and teasing by the judges in his stride, Ayushman claims he is having the time of his life on this show, which he believes will be a super duper hit. 


How are you enjoying being part of television’s biggest dance reality show, Just Dance - the audition rounds, meeting the judges, handling contestants, eliminations- how has that been? 

Just Dance is and will be the one number reality show on television in the country. In fact, this is the first show in our country to go international as we had auditions not only in numerous cities in India but in New York and London as well. The feeling to be with such cool and great judges, is very unreal. We have the God of Dance, Hrithik Roshan, on the judging panel with accomplished choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant. The experience of being on the show has been marvelous. 


You were present at all the auditions in India and abroad. What was vibe across all auditions? What kind of people did you meet? Any interesting incidents that particularly stand out? 

Every city has a different feel and vibe to it. In Delhi, I found people were more volatile when it came to reactions. In Mumbai, we got the best of talent as many aspirants come to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams and they tried their luck and showcased their talent in the Mumbai auditions of Just Dance. Kolkata had more classical form of dancing in the audition rounds which was a spectacle. It made me realise the diversity of our nation and our rich culture. Every city has a different charm to it. We also went to New York where we saw more hip-hop than any other city. I also noticed that Indian parents in foreign countries ensure their kids stay in touch with their roots so they train them in classical dance. Bharatnatyam is very popular there as opposed to Kathak or any other classical dance. It is endearing to see a performance that is truly Indian. I didn’t go to London but heard we got some cool talent from UK too. 


What was your criterion for taking on this show as a host? 

I have done a number of shows now and I have always been part of shows that have been number one- be it IPL or being a VJ on MTV. I gauged Just Dance had the potential to be the number one show in our country. When it was offered to me I didn’t have to think twice and I accepted the offer to host the show. The buzz for the show is great even though it is not on air currently. People are really looking forward to the show. I want to flow with the buzz and I think Hrithik Roshan will ride everyone including the channel to stardom. 


Now that you have seen the eliminations in the mega audition round, what are you expecting from this competition? How tough will it get? 

The competition will get tougher with every stage. There are various levels to be crossed and though we have mind blowing dancers after the first round of auditions, with each round, some contestants will have to say good bye. Only the best will survive and win the ultimate dancer trophy. I can see how difficult it is for the judges and the contestants to go through the elimination process every time. Of course, the contestants have loads of expectations and want their dreams to come true but the judges too get very affected with every elimination. We have all got to know the contestants and their stories, so to choose from people you know, you love is daunting. And the experience has to be tough as Just Dance went abroad and we have the best choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, best choreographer director Farah Khan and the only dancer, superstar Indian cinema has- Hrithik Roshan. The stakes are very high as we have to choose dancers who won’t get nervous before such celebrated talent. 


How has the experience of being on Just Dance been different for you from the other shows you have done? 

The experience doing this show has been like no other. We have a breathtaking personality on the show who is the USP of the show too- and it is none other than Hrithik Roshan. So when we have an artiste, a performer, a dancer like him on the show, the entire experience is fabulous. Dealing with him and the other two credible judges, handling the contestants has been superb. 


Just Dance also marks the television debut of superstar Hrithik Roshan… how has the experience of working with him been like? 

Perhaps he is one of the few superstars we have in Indian cinema who is so down to earth and humble. I love this quality of Hrithik Roshan. He is the real superstar. He is so perfect and he inspires everyone around him to reach perfection. We are all trying to do so under his influence. He is diligent, alert and involved in every process of the show. That itself is commendable. 


It seems like the judges love pulling your leg. And you seem to be a taking it like a good sport and even having a laugh at your own experience… is that part of the Ayushman charm? 

They love pulling my leg and I have a sense of humour. Farah is so quick witted that it is difficult to be not affected. She is funny and hilarious as is Vaibhavi. Hrithik too teases and jokes around. We have exchanged funny banter and I loved it. Farah is honest, to the point and blunt and I am the chosen one who gets targeted more often than not. But I am not complaining as I am loving it. 


Who is your favorite… Farah or Vaibhavi? 

Both. They are both alpha women so I can’t pick one. This is the age of women’s emancipation. They are successful, rich, raring to go and a role model for many women. Farah was an assistant director during her struggling days, she started her career as a choreographer, has given claps and has reached this position today where she is a celebrated director. She is cool with jokes and repartees. Vaibhavi on the other hand is super talented, classical trained, she knows what she wants from her contestants and she gets it. 


Did you enjoy Hrithik’s music video? What did you think of it? 

I saw the video and I thought it was great. The video has a superb mass connect, cool song, great moves and fun concept. The video will surely draw a lot of audiences to the show. 


Are you a good dancer? Can we expect to see Ayushman bust some serious moves on the show? 

I wouldn’t call myself a dancer though I have a sense of rhythm. I am a decent dancer. As for dancing on the show, I really don’t know. If I am given choreographed steps, I can match them step by step. I was called a dancer in school but in college I had a choice to take theatre or dance and I opted for theatre. Had I taken dance, I might be a better dancer than I am today. 


We have seen you don the role of a host many time before, but what can we expect from you this time around? How do you plan to make this different from your other gigs and yet retain the fun quotient? 

There is an element of humour and fun on the show as all three judges have a funny bone. We joke on the set and even with the contestants. I will ensure that the contestants are doing well and be a friend to them more than anything else. They need a morale booster during strenuous times and I will be that. As for the show, I will go along with the judges, handling the show and ensuring a great time for one and all.