Hrithik is the USP of Just Dance: Farah

Published On: 2014-05-23

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Farah Khan: Hrithik is the USP of Just Dance


Source: Star Plus 

Date: June 7, 2011 


Director cum choreographer Farah Khan, who has won national awards for her dance moves, was the one who introduced Hrithik Roshan’s moves in his debut film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. The song Ek pal ka jeena and the signature step fused Hrithik and Farah together for the first time. Now the two celebrated talents will come together to judge STAR Plus’s ultimate dance reality show Just Dance. We talk to the no-nonsense Farah who honestly claims, Hrithik is the USP of Just Dance and more. 


You have been a judge on many reality shows, so what was special about Just Dance that you chose to be part of it? 

Initially, when I was approached, I couldn’t accept the offer as at that time, I was writing the script of my next film. But a month and half later, they approached me again and as my script was locked, my screenplay was done, I was relaxed, so I came on board. The primary reason for me to accept Just Dance is that I have a great relationship with STAR. I know them very well and this is my fourth show with the channel. I have done Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar, Nach Baliye and Tere Mere Beach Mein with STAR before Just Dance. They are the number one channel and if they are doing a show, it will be big, mega, huge- all combined. Secondly, I found the format of Just Dance interesting and also that it was not a celebrity dance show. In a celebrity dance show, the dancing takes a backseat, gets diluted which is fine as they are celebs and dancing isn’t their forte. The third reason for me to do Just Dance was, of course, Hrithik. It is his first show as a judge, and also marks his television debut so I thought it would fun and an interesting experience. 


Having judged shows before, are you still amazed at the talent India has? 

Yes. I get amazed every time. It always surprises me when I meet a bunch of superbly talented youngsters, who want to make a mark of their own. They have their own thought process, ability to pick up, adapt things and desire to take an idea forward. India has abundance of talent, therefore, no matter how many shows you have, we won’t run out. Having been a judge on many shows, I do at times feel that I have been there, done that, but when suddenly someone from a small town comes, performs and blows my mind- that’s when I know it was worth waiting the whole day. I am amazed that most people who enter reality shows are self taught, who learn from tv, watching my songs, Hrithik’s performance and other media. And they pick up, learn and perform equally well. I thought only I had done that in my initial days [smiles]. 


Do you think there are one too many reality shows on tv today?

I am a reality show junkie, so there can never be one too many reality shows for me. I download foreign reality shows and watch them with pleasure. Right now, I am watching Celebrity Apprentice and didn’t want to leave it, so, I can never have enough of reality shows. 


Why do you think dance and song based reality shows are most popular in India? 

In India, I think we connect best with music and dance. That is the reason songs and dance in our movies are such a huge hit too. 


What is the USP of Just Dance according to you? 

Definitely, the USP is superstar Hrithik Roshan. Let’s not fool ourselves about anything. Just Dance is his show and he is the main reason why people will watch the show. The secondary reason will be the quality of dancers on the show and the rest will follow. 


How is Hrithik as a judge? 

He is doing fantastically well. I think he purposely pretends to be soft hearted. It is a ploy to fool us and make us think that he can’t do this, can’t eliminate people. I think he pretends to be lost but, in reality, he is too good in the show. His connection with the contestants is fabulous, phenomenal. He genuinely cares about them, has given them his phone number and email id. He gives a lot of advice to the contestants. We had to innovate a bell which Vaibhav and I ring when he talks too much on the show, doling out advice. After he eliminates contestants, he spent over an hour with all of them, chatting and boosting their morale. He was genuinely moved and in tears when some good ones were eliminated. He is doing a marvelous job and I think he will surely rock the show. 


What did you think of Hrithik’s Just Dance music video? 

I have seen a few clippings of the video. He is fabulous. And I don’t have to think of judge his dancing, as I discovered his dancing. Hrithik is super talented so I know he has done a cool job in the music video. I have always maintained he is the best dancer we have in our country. 


How is your rapport with your co-judge Vaibhavi Merchant? 

Very good. I didn’t know Vaibhavi before Just Dance, though we bumped into each other at times, we have been cordial and she even attended my wedding but we were not friends. Now, during Just Dance, interacting with her, working with her, I can say we have come to know each other well and become friendly. We got along very well, have great chemistry, we chat a lot and have lunch together. She is like a younger sister. 


Who would you say is the best choreographer in Bollywood today? 

I have to be modest- it is me. [smiles] 


Will you have a catch phrase on the show? 

If it comes from the heart, I might, but I am not too fond of catch phrases. I don’t like scripted ones. 


What can the audiences look for in the contestants of Just Dance? 

All the contestants are first timers on tv, so there is an innocence in them, a story behind every contestant and the fact that we judges have tried to choose absolutely fantastic dancers. I truly believe that celebrities aside, judges aside, if the dancing and the dancers don’t work on the show, the show doesn’t work. For me, the dancing has to be world class on the show.