Just Dance Press Conference

Published On: 2014-05-28

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Live tweets from the Just Dance Press conference


Date: 13th June, 2011 

By: Star India 


Just Dance auditioned people from all over the world: Hrithik I'm blown with the kind of auditions n talent in Just Dance says vaibhavi Merchant Hrithik mania across the world is insane!! Contestants love him immensely!! They r here for him!! Improptu dancing with Hrithik at the Just Dance press conference!! Hrithik salutes StarPlus and thanks the team for making Just Dance happen. Very grateful to be part of the show. 


Hrithik: thought he wil be able to pick contestants easily, but I couldn't eliminate any dancers. Too emotional for me. Hrithik hands over his personal Just Dance bracelet to aradhana for dancing wit him Hrithik makes the Media Dance!! JustDance full music video revealed at the Just Dance press conference!! Simply amazing!! Must watch! Hrithik gave out his personal number to eliminated Just Dance contestants, becoz he was emotional abt them goin back empty handed! StarTv COO Sanjay Gupta announced Just Dance will be telecast in marathi on starpravah & starone! 


Just Dance will be launched n telecast across the World at the same time!! 18th June - 9pm Hrithik says, the winner of Just Dance will dance wit him in his final video!! Wooo hooo!! Just Dance will have international trainers for the contestants!! Says vaibhavi merchant. Just Dance press conference Hrithikoscope will happen on Just Dance! Hrithik will judge contestants to chose the one ultimate dance champion!! Dance is a gift! Choreography is mastery of dance! Says Hrithik at the Just Dance press conference Hrithik says true god of dance Michael Jackson is his idol and lovingly Shammi Kapoor too!! Live from Just Dance press conference