Hrithik learns sign language

Published On: 2014-06-03

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Hrithik learns sign language


Source:Times of India 

Date: June 17,2011 


Despite a hectic shooting schedule for Agneepath, Hrithik Roshan took time out for private lessons in sign language from a tutor. The actor wanted to communicate with the hearing impaired contestants who will appear on his soon-to-air reality show Just Dance. "He wanted to be able to express his thoughts to them," reveals a source. During the auditions, he came across a 21-year boy, Nimeet Kotian, whose mother was deaf and mute. The actor was touched by the boy's story. 


"He wanted to praise the mother for instilling such good values in her son and asked his sign language teacher to teach him to communicate what he wanted to say to the mother. After he was done 'talking', there was not a dry eye on the sets." That's not all. An insider reveals, "Hrithik also sent across a message on a video to a young girl who had auditioned in London. She is hearing impaired since childhood but danced beautifully. Hrithik was so impressed by her performance that he recorded a message for her in sign language and asked the channel to send it to her."