Bollywood stars bow down to Hrithik's magic

Published On: 2014-06-07

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Hrithik’s moves blow them away


Source: TOI 

Date: June 20, 2011 


The actor’s new dance show is the talk of B-Town Bollywood’s God of dance, Hrithik Roshan arrived on the reality show Just Dance on Star Plus this weekend to a frenzied reaction from his fan base, television viewers across the world and from the B-town superstars. While the janta is still trying to catch their breath after watching HR’s spectacular small screen debut, speaking exclusively to BT here’s what the Badshahs and Begums of B-town had to say. 


Akshay Kumar 

Hrithik Roshan is a one-of-akind actor/dancer. He must know he makes us envy his moves. What that man brings to the dance floor is refreshing. He is extremely talented and has everything the youth needs to see in a hero. If he opened a dance school, my son Aarav will be his first student. Hrithik has performed some of the most memorable and difficult dance steps in the last decade. I will never enter a dance competition with this guy because he will win hands down, but I’d definitely love to make an action film with him. 


Deepika Padukone 

For a show of this calibre, there is no better judge than Hrithik. He is definitely the best dancer we have. Not only is he passionate about his craft, he is also the best. Like Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik invests a lot of emotions in his dance. 


Karan Johar 

There could be no other choice for this show but Hrithik. What he brings to the show with his sheer presence no one else can. Not only is he the best dancer we have, but also someone who is dedicated and sincere. He’s a perfectionist. For contestants to live up to the expectations will be a hard task. 


Sonam Kapoor 

I hardly watch TV but Just Dance was an exception thanks to Hrithik Roshan. He is the only one I know who dances with rhythm and soul. When he is dancing you don’t even want to blink. He is such an amazing performer. His TV debut is as rocking as his screen debut.



Going Gaga


Source: Mid Day 

Date: June 20, 2011 


Sonam Kapoor is all praises for Hrithik Roshan and his new dance reality show Hrithik Roshan’s grand debut on small screen with dance reality show, Just Dance has left B- Townies asking for more. Making her admiration public, Sonam Kapoor says she is not so fond of watching television, but has made an exception for Duggu. “ I really enjoyed the show. It was spectacular,” the actress, who follows the popular US dance show informs. “ There was actually a performance on a song from Jodha Akbar in the US dance show format,” she quips. Rooting for Hrithik, Sonam says, “ 


I loved his entry. Only he can dance like that. There is no better person than him to judge a dance show. It’s hard to even blink when you see him dance onscreen. Even his speech was straight from the heart.” The young actress finds Hrithik’s real life story very inspiring. “ Its amazing that someone like him, who was advised by a doctor not to pursue dancing, ended up being the nation’s best dancer. It just shows you can achieve anything with determination, grit and passion. Those contestants are really lucky to be mentored by him,” she adds. 


Speaking about Hrithik’s HR locket that has caught her fancy, the fashion- conscious actress says, “ I would love to own that HR locket.” “ I don’t know if I should dance with him but I would love to when nobody is looking. Hopefully, I would get to do a film with him and we will have our own original number,” she giggles.




Why Sanju won't dance with Hrithik?


Source: DNA 

Date: June 20, 2011 


The actors are the latest gym buddies in town, but macho man Dutt's simply petrified to match steps with the nimble footed actor As reported by us earlier, actor Sanjay Dutt admits that he is working out with actor Hrithik Roshan these days, and has renewed ties from the time they last did a film together in Mission Kashmir. "It's such a pleasure to work out with Hrithik," says Sanjay, who has taken to the gym with a vengeance. He says that he has been giving a lot of strenuous exercises for Hrithik to follow and was amazed to see the younger actor perform it effortlessly. "We've been sharing exercising tips with each other. I was quite surprised to see how effortlessly he took to some of the workouts that Isuggested, and they were not easy ones. He is quite a sincere and fast learner. He is as passionate about his workouts as he is about his acting," says Sanjay, who's been working out with Hrithik for about a month now. 


Since Hrithik has worked on Sanjay's workout tips, would Sanjay do the same by shaking a leg with the nimble feet dancer. "I am not going to dance with him. I am no match for him. I feel he is the best dancer among all the leading actors that we have today and I am not going to dance with him at all!" laughs Sanjay. The actor says that he is so fond of Hrithik's dancing that he kept aside his work and caught up with the dance reality show that Hrithik was hosting. "Watching him emerge out of a water fountain (in his show) was absolutely mesmerizing. He is the perfect choice for a dance reality show. I have been a fan of his dancing right from the time I saw him in the song Ek Pal Ka Jeena (film Kaho Naa Pyar Hai). I remember seeing him as a kid when I used to meet (filmmaker) Rakesh Roshan, but we didn't interact then. It was only when we did the film Mission Kashmir (where Hrithik played Sanju's son) that we bonded a lot on the sets," he adds. 


As an actor, the one thing about Hrithik that impressed Sanjay the most was that he did not flinch one bit in doing retakes over retakes on the sets of the film that they are currently shooting together. "There were so many retakes and he was giving as many re-takes as needed and that to with equal amount of gusto and energy. Well, it's good to see him, and may be we can all learn a thing or two from him as an actor and a performer," he ends.