Dance gurus pick Hrithik's best performance

Published On: 2014-06-12

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Dance gurus pick Hrithik’s best performance




The moment you say Hrithik Roshan other than his magnificent body, good looks, green eyes one pictures his body moving in a fluid motion. A dancer and a superstar he has fans across the world, including the trainers and judges who gush over his dance moves. We get them to pick their favourite Hrithik Roshan dance number and although it’s a tough task, here’s what they chose. 


Farah Khan- 

Hrithik’s Main Aisa Kyun Hun from Lakshya is no doubt his best. I also loved his Idhar Chala Main Udhar chala from Koi Mil Gaya which I choreographed. There was a child like quality and great use of harnesses. 


Vaibhavi Merchant- 

Hrithik’s Main Aisa Kyun hun as Prabhu Deva did a superb job with the song. This is one number that only Hrithik could do. Though in terms of dance it wasn’t that difficult but the projection of the song was magnificent. 


Terrence (Contemporary) – 

Hrithik’s Main Aisa Kyun hun he was magical in the song. Prabhu deva did a great job. Such a song comes once in a blue moon. Yet I think he hasn’t given his best yet. He has been typecast in certain forms by himself and the choreographers he has worked with. They have presented him in a certain way and vision that he should be seen. There is a whole new world that Hrithik hasn’t explored yet. He hasn’t dabbled properly in contemporary dance. In Guzarish you saw him do a beautiful extempore which was modern dance. He was superb in that and I feel he will be phenomenal in contemporary dance. Most commercial dancing and bollywood dancing is hip-hop so when he does attempt contemporary he will give immense joy to the audience watching him. he is a brilliant dancer and will wow everyone in a contemporary dance. 


Michelle Johnston - 

I loved Hrithik’s performance in the Dhoom 2 title track the most. He was simply superb in it. 


Saroj - 

I loved his performance in the number that Prabhudeva choreographed- Main Aisa Kyun Hoon from Lakshya. No other performance matches upto that song. He has danced much better than his introduction song in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.