Vaibhavi amazed by Just Dance

Published On: 2014-06-19

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Vaibhavi amazed by Just Dance

Source: Star Plus


Vaibhavi Merchant is the name synonymous with hit numbers like Aivayi Aiyavi Lut Gaya, Crazy Kiya Re, Kajra Re and she admits to have lost her heart to the reality show that she is judging on STAR Plus- Just Dance. Read on as Vaibhavi reveals some exciting details about the show and the experience of co-judging it with Hrithik and Farah.


How has the Just Dance experience been?

STAR Plus is raising the bar with a show like Just Dance. It is as good as an international reality show. I have judged reality shows before and so has Farah and I am sure she will agree that we have never seen such talent before.


Tell us about the contestants?

I have to say every contestant is a fan of Hrithik Roshan . The passion that they have shown is amazing. I would like to thank the contestants and say Hats off to SOL productions. No one has got such a platform before and it has all been possible because of STAR.


What is your view about the training that the contestants of Just Dance have received?

The contestants have international trainers to take them to a certain level. The trainers have raised the level of the show by ten times compared to other dance reality shows. We have chosen the best of the best and are now taking them further.


How has Hrithik been as a judge?

He is the sweetest, most courteous and kindest judge. He cried every time a contestant was eliminated.. Had it been in his hands he would have selected all the 30 thousand contestants.


Tell us about your rapport with Farah?

Farah and I have rocking chemistry that you will see in the show.