Abhash and Ankan get a standing ovation

Published On: 2014-07-06

Author: Sumit Jha

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Abhash and Ankan get a standing ovation from Hrithik


Source: TOI 

Date: July 28, 2011 


None have made him so proud, not even such applause so loud! For the first time on Just Dance, the judges, Superstar and God of dance, Hrithik Roshan along with his favorite and ace choreographers, Vaibhavi Merchant and Farah Khan, gave a standing ovation to the duo Abhash Mukherjee and Ankan Sen for an 'out of the world' performance. 


The Judges didn't have to say much after expressing their joy and appreciation to both the contestants through a loud applause and an ovation, Farah couldn't stop herself from comparing them to the international stars while Hrithik proposed, "


Let's change the gratification of the show. They are such good dancers that I can't dance with them. It will be an honour for me to dance with them." What more do you desire after such kind words from the gurus themselves? Well done Abhash and Ankan.