Hrithik goes 'zubi-doobi' with little Sanvi

Published On: 2014-07-07

Author: Akash Wadhwa

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Hrithik goes 'zubi-doobi' with little Sanvi


Source: TOI 

Date: July 28, 2011 



The smitten Hrithik gave a lovely surprise to the Delhi contestant Surjeet. The Bollywood superstar and emotional Hrithik, was so smitten with Surjeet's little daughter Sanvi, that he just won't leave her on the sets of Just Dance during the shoot of special episode. In a pleasant surprise Hrithik united the father with his cute little daughter, Sanvi. Hrithik ended up spending a great amount of time dancing with the baby Sanvi on the romantic melody .. 'Zubi Doobi'. Hrithik with Sanvi