Koffee with Karan: Part 1

Published On: 2012-06-08

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Koffee with Karan: Part 1


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KWK: Part 1

Karan: My first guest tonight is probably the most envied woman in India today, Mrs. Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan. She is cool, she is talented and extremely glamorous. A proud mother of two children, Aryan and Sohania. She is sometimes accused of being a little less trendy and that is because she likes to maintain a look of fine. Having known her extremely closely for the past 10 years, I can say that at heart she is still the same Delhi girl who has the roots in that and values in that. And she is the most stabilizing factor in Shah Rukh Khan’s life. So lets bring on. Gauri Khan. 

Karan: Well, how does it feel to be on my show, Gauri?
Gauri: Well, you forced me so I am here. 

Karan: No, I didn’t force you…. Did I…(Gauri laughs) Maybe a little to be honest with you…. because you don’t make any public appearances in terms of you know any kind of media appearances. You don’t face camera with Shah Rukh anymore. You used to earlier…
Gauri: Yeah…

Karan: but not anymore….
Gauri: Earlier because it was something new, I enjoyed it. I did it once or twice. But then it just seems to get very boring because I have nothing to say. I mean I am not in a profession, and after some time, everything becomes stayed and again and again, talking about same things…I really felt bored…

Karan: you have nothing to say…
Gauri: Yeah…exactly

Karan: And the one thing you are fed up of talking about is your big love story with Shah Rukh. (Gauri laughs)…one thing that is interesting that we have discussed and whomever I tell to, gets very shocked is that you have known him all your life. Gauri, you have met him when you were how old? 12?
Gauri: 14

Karan: 14?
Gauri: 14 and a half

Karan: My god…that is like
Gauri: Yeah

Karan: you have known him for like…
Gauri: yeah, half my life 

Karan: you have known him for 20 years and that is you never had any other relationship, it has just been you and Shah Rukh 
Gauri: yes that is right

Karan: and started seeing him when you were 14…
Gauri: 14 and half….don’t remember exactly…14 and a half, 15….

Karan: so tell me, you nearly didn’t marry him, you nearly didn’t marry Shah Rukh, and there was a time when you run off…
Gauri: yeah…

Karan: and you broke off with him, 
Gauri: yeah…

Karan: And I think you were playing hard to get from what I understand, is that true?
Gauri: just that, I was too young and just in college and just thought that maybe it is too young for us to decide anything to get married so I just took a short break….I wanted to do my own thing, be with my friends, go out with people and he was too possessive of me and which was just…I couldn’t handle that…I wanted to be by myself and meet people, go out and he couldn’t handle that…I wanted my own space…So I guess I did it for a while and then I went back to him

Karan: he found you in a beach…and he looked at all the beaches in Bombay 
Gauri: and how I avoided him was unbelievable 

Karan: you were very rude, he told me. You and your groups of friends….
Gauri: wherever I would go, he would be there. I just couldn’t bare 

Karan: I can say that he does have that possessive…
Gauri: totally…totally. I mean just too much…he was copying my style. I think he now is more relaxed about it. Initially he was very possessive 

Karan: I suppose the age maturity takes over
Gauri: absolutely

Karan: So it is not easy being a superstar’s wife and you do know that our next guest tonight is also a superstar’s wife…Sussanne Roshan. Many people don’t know the fact that you guys are friends as 
Gauri: yeah…

Karan: you meet socially and there is one big gang, few people know this that actually Gauri and sussanne are very friends…the two of you are…and
Gauri: yeah…

Karan: She is my next guest tonight…
Gauri: okay

Karan: Sussanne Roshan, comes from an extremely illustrious film family, she is the daughter of filmmaker and actor Sanjay Khan and wife to Hrithik Roshan, probably one of the most affable and nameable girls in the film industry. Her beautiful smile, just her warmth, it is so endearing, I mean you have to love Sussanne Roshan…this is also her first TV appearance and her husband is more nervous than she is. Now she along with Gauri Khan, make an awesome twosome superstar wife pairs so let’s see what happens tonight…

Karan: should we welcome Sussanne Khan…Sussanne Roshan, right on!!!

Karan: Sussanne Roshan, welcome to koffee with Karan…

Sussanne: Hi Karan (laugh)

Karan: Okie I was just starting with Gauri about a little bit about the past and Shah Rukh and how things happened and you know they have known each other all their life, 
Susanne: yeah

Karan: a little bit about their little love story. Now tell me something, which I am interested in which I never asked is, I know it is a bit personal but I want to know, how did Hrithik propose to you? 

Sussanne: lets see, actually that is something, which I have actually never spoken about but since it is you, I can

Karan: Now come on, 
Sussanne: I can tell you (smile) it was really cute because it was like when he had not even started acting and he was like, we had just met and we were in a coffee shop having a cup of coffee and suddenly I am drinking my coffee and at the bottom of my coffee, I found this thing and I reached to it with a spoon and it was like this eternity band and I was shocked. It was like a promise ring that he wanted me to have and he is like “do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” so I was like “yeah, I will. After this I will” 

Karan: So a coffee proposal on coffee with Karan, what more could I have asked for…So there is a little bit of obsession here and there was a lot of romance from what I understand 
Sussanne: Yeah 

Karan: I was just thinking about both of you. Gauri, you are a Punjabi girl married to a Khan and Sussanne, you were a Khan married to a Punjabi boy. 

Karan: So tell me Gauri, religious differences, how does that form a place in your marriage?

Gauri: Shah Rukh, He didn’t have any friends unfortunately. If they were there, an elderly person. If they were, there who follows any kind of religious rituals but nothing of that ever happens, it is me who takes in charge diwali or holy or any festival or any sort. With my kids in Hindu, part of me which is very strong but the thing is that Aryan is so into Shah Rukh that he would follow his religion, he would say he is a Muslim, and when he tells it to my mother, she says ‘what does it mean”

Karan: She gets upset 
Gauri: She doesn’t get upset, it is true that 

Karan: So she would be happy that it is a balance
Gauri: There is a balance, I respect Shah Rukh’s religion but that doesn’t mean that I would convert and become a Muslim. I don’t believe in that, I think everybody is an individual and they should follow their own religion but obviously there should be no disrespect. Shah Rukh would not disrespect my religion….

Karan: and Sussanne what about you? You come from a very illustrious family and Muslim family. It is complete reverse of Gauri scenario, interesting observation, how about you?
Sussanne: You know, honestly what she is saying is absolutely correct, you marry to another religion opposite of what you have been born in. You have to respect that and let your kids have the best of both worlds so you kind of show them both religions, both religions represent goodness. So basically if you just get the exact balance between both of them, I think it is a good combination because both religions are very beautiful and you know very strong religions. 

Karan: Is Hrithik like that?
Sussanne: He is totally like that, he is not strong. He does believe in certain rituals and rights, which we have to carry out. Which I believe in them too and respect them but he is not very strong and forfeit like the kids have to do this. You just have to bring them up to believe in goodness and yeah…

Karan: That is kind of balance you are trying to achieve at home Gauri, 
Gauri: Yeah, 

Karan: I mean I have seen Aryan, it is very interesting Sussanne, and you might find it interesting to hear this too, Aryan has a little prayer at night and he…Gauri, wanna tell us about it?
Gauri: Yeah, he says both prayers. First he says mama’s prayer and then he says papa’s
Sussanne: awww, I see.
Gauri: and so yeah…

Karan: and also an English prayer, it is kind of an international in that aspect. So both of you are trying to achieve a balance religion from what I understand. 

Karan: I am in conversation with Mrs. Shah Rukh Khan and Mrs. Gauri Khan. Stay tuned and I will be right back after this coffee break.