Hrithik's many roles in Just Dance!

Published On: 2014-07-17

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Hrithik Roshan look alike gets 15 proposals


Source: HT 

Date: August 7, 2011 


Actor says Karan Pangali, a contestant on the show he's judging, is a better dancer than him Hrithik Roshan lookalike has become as popular as the Bollywood superstar who's one of the judges on the talent hunt contest, Just Dance. 


When Karan Pangali injured himself while rehearsing, he was flooded with `get well soon' messages on Facebook. And his father has told the `Gabru jawan' from UK that he's already received 14 `rishtas' (proposals) and they'll hold a `swayamvar' for him when he returns. 


Even Hrithik is impressed, “What I like about Karan is that he is a classical dancer who is not afraid to break the norms.“ Point to their striking resemblance, and Hrithik says, “He's a handsome guy, but whether we look alike is for others to decide. I see only his dance. He's a better dancer than me.“ 


Karan insists the actor has given him invaluable tips not just on his dance, but hairstyle and clothes too. For other contestants, Hrithik is a judge, mentor or friend. But for Karan he is “like my father“. Earlier, Hrithik gave Karan a second chance when he hurt himself during rehearsals, but he insists that as a judge, he has no favourites. 


“For me, all the contestants are amazing dancers and amazing people too. It's hard to let anyone go. I've tried to change the rules umpteen times and been reprimanded by my fellow judges, Farah (Khan) and Vaibhavi (Merchant). I tell them that since I am the `God of Dance' I can do whatever I want,“ he laughs. 


However, the `God of Dance' doesn't think he's a good dancer. “I'm not even trained. As a romantic hero, I need to dance, so I let myself go. But these guys are phenomenal,“ he asserts. Will he be back on Season 2? Says Hrithik, “Let Season One finish first, then we'll see. It opened with high TRPs and is going strong. The channel's happy, the contestants are happy and I'm happy because I have never got this kind of love before.“