Hrithik extends a helping hand!

Published On: 2014-07-18

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Hrithik extends a helping hand

Source: TOI 

Date: August 7, 2011


Hrithik Roshan truly has a heart of gold. The actor who has a very tight schedule always manages to find time for the contestants of " Just Dance".


Recently, while practicing for one of the biggest dance reality shows, "Just Dance", Preeti Chafale, a contestant from Nagpur, injured her rib. When Hrithik learnt about this mishap, he immediately arranged his personal doctor to examine the injury and made it a point that the treatment began on time. He was so worried that he called up each and every contestant only to ensure that they took good care of her and also kept a watch on her recovery process.


This is not just it. In one of the previous episodes, Preeti's mother was very uncomfortable in coming on the stage as she had problem with speaking in Hindi. Hrithik spoke to her in Marathi and told her that she was lucky to have a wonderful daughter like Preeti so that she feels comfortable.