Koffee with Karan: Part 2

Published On: 2012-06-09

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Koffee With Karan: Part 2

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Karan: We are still in conversation with Gauri Khan and Suzanne Roshan, the two superstar wives. Before the break, we were talking about religious differences and you both were going to achieve a balance but there are certain aspects of being superstar wives. You can’t really be balance and when I say that I mean about the kind of professions your husbands have. They are meeting with the most beautiful women on a daily basis. They shoot with them, talk with them. They do full feature films with them. They are meeting and directing with them. Are there any insecure moments, Gauri?
Gauri: Firstly, these two-three questions, I haven’t thought about it but sense it is you… I totally go blank when people even want to ask me this question. I get really irritated with this question but anyways

Karan: you don’t have to answer that but I am just saying, there are moments that you, women feel insecure?
Gauri: just to tell you that, I pray to god every day that if we are not supposed to be together and if he has to be with somebody else then god help me find someone also for myself (all of them breaking into laughter) and let him be handsome. It is true.

Karan: (laughing) Oh God! I hope that never happens.
Gauri: I hope so too but that is what I pray to god. And I mean it. (all 3 laugh)

Karan: And Suzanne your reaction was different
Suzanne: From other hand I pray to god (all 3 laugh) that if and if it ever has to be a time, it is crazy when she said she prays to God because I do the same thing but if there has to be a time where I am not with Hrithik for whatever reason, for whatever reason. I..I don't think I would want to you know move on with my life. I…I can't imagine my life without him. I am too attached.

Gauri: I differ on that. I feel if he has to be with somebody else, if he choose to be with somebody else I would not want to be with him

Karan: Because you are far too proud for that…
Gauri: Absolutely I would be like "okay great, let me look out for somebody"

Karan: But have these rumors never affected you Suzanne? It don’t get that sometimes you are like oh god, why am I married to an actor? And all of sudden, you have Hrithik’s beautiful face in front of you….
Suzanne: Honestly, like I said before, it is very strange. But if there is anyone who gives him the slightest clue that she is attracted to him, he comes home and he sits and discusses it with me. So we like talk about it. We like say "oh god, really?" It is like a friendship thing, I don’t there is any point…there is not have been a point where I have been insecure because of this reason. It is only insecurity comes from when you don't know the truth, you don't know the facts but I know the facts and so I don't think….

Karan: so you don’t have it?
Suzanne: yeah…I don't have those times…

Karan: you share the friendship with your husband and you chat about it.
Suzanne: Exactly,

Karan: So you are happy being Mrs. Shahrukh Khan and you are happy being Mrs. Hrithik Roshan. And ofcourse you said that you that you have different ways of dealing with situation but what is interesting is that you both have different personality. You are quite portrayal about your opinion. Gauri when you see srk's films, you are quite critical about his films, you are quite forfeit. As opposed to that, Suzanne, sometimes I feel that you like not to hurt him and say what you truly feel. So lets see, Gauri, do you feel the need to be over-critical at times?
Gauri: I don't think I am over critical at all. I mean, in the film, if he is bad in the film or okay, I don't need to praise him even if he is bad. I am like an audience. If he is bad, he needs to accept the fact that he is bad. If I feel the has over-acted or that he is not so great, I should tell him. You know.

Karan: Any recent film where you had to tell him?
Gauri: his recent past films of all has been good.

Karan: really? Which one was it?
Gauri: I really have not seen many of his bad films but I don't remember, Guddu and all those various films that like In Dish Pado.

Karan: I remember you were critical of Shakti..
Gauri: that was totally unbearable. I don’t want to sound but I mean that was his worst performance.

Karan: And you told him
Gauri: that was his worst performance for a long time

Karan: you know he gets upset when you say things like that to tell him that
Gauri: He does, But see my problem with him is that I respect him for his profession and that he is a great actor and that he is reached, everybody says him as King Khan and he gets great writers. But he knows that and my point is that he should know something that he doesn't hear from toher people, I should tell him because nobody else is gonna tell him and I should tell him

Karan: Suzanne, at times you appear so sweet, that is your personality, you don't sometime tell, I mean have you told Hrithik about his bad performance, I mean are you always praying and saying it is good, it will be good.
Suzanne: I always like to, you are right, I always like to say the better side of performance. I will tell him good first then bad. But now I feel like it is right to be what she is. It is your spouse, and you have to be honest. It is important that you give him the right feedback. You can't tell him, then who would?

Karan: Has there been a film in which you didn't like him at all in which you praised him and now you go back and say why did you praise him?
Suzanne: yeah, there are couples but I cannot name them,

Karan: why don't you mention some?
Suzanne: I didn't like Yadieen,

Karan: you didn't like Yadieen or you didn't like hrithik in Yadieen?
Suzanne: No, I didn't like him through out, I thought his performance was inconsistent

Karan: Now what happens when you know each of your husbands are big main stream superstars and have done wonderfully well. Do each other’s performance bother…Has the case of lets say kal ho na ho and koi mil gaya released last year…

Both: no


Karan: was their that kind of discomfort?

Gauri: According to me that was hrithik's best performance, nobody could match it. For a long time, nobody could match it because it is something very very different…


Karan: Hrithik is of course a junior to srk

Suzanne: he has always been and every time these magazines try to put him against or whatever, it always hurt him because he is like "how can they do that'


Karan: Initially, how difficult was it for you two when you met each other initially?

Both: no, not for us, we are not like that


Gauri: but in fact for srk, it was difficult in the sense that the magazines and these people were writing a lot of rubbish and that he is finished and, for that but not for hrithik.


Karan: there used to be a time between Hrithik and srk where awkwardness was there

Both: yes


Suzanne: there used to be before


Gauri: yeah, initially srk was very very awkward but I think in the past few months, I would say that you know srk has began to chat with Hrithik, he is easy with him and you know he is becoming very fond of Hrithik.


Karan: Suzanne, you want to Gauri about recent conversation srk had with Hrithik, which made Hrithik so wound up and touched

Suzanne: yeah, it was, it was the day when we found out that he had not won the national award which kind of took all of us by surprise and he wasn’t showing that he was disappointed but I know that he was and stuff like that and that day srk called and spoke to Hrithik and that him that you know like don’t feel bad because you know in my book, you would have gotten the award, I don’t think anyone else deserved it more than you.

Karan: That is quite….

Suzanne: And that compliment took him like cloud nine


Karan: he told me that he is like I won the national award…

Suzanne: Exactly

Karan: Srk called me and told me I deserved the award

Suzanne: yeah

Karan: We are still going to continue talking with Gauri Khan and Suzanne Roshan right after this commercial break. Stay tuned.