Hrithik Roshan in iBall's ad campaign

Published On: 2014-08-10

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Hrithik Roshan in iBall's ad campaign

Source: Bollywood Hungama

Date: September 9, 2011

By: Satish Sundaresan



Time and again Hrithik Roshan has reinvented himself, right from his debut film till where he has reached now, hard work and sincerity has been his mantra.


Recently, Hrithik Roshan was signed up as the brand ambassador of the computer peripheral major iBall. Bollywood Hungama, as committed, brings you the exclusive images of Hrithik Roshan's ad campaign for the brand.


Talking about choosing Hrithik as the brand ambassador, Sandeep Parasrampuria, Director, iBall says, "Hrithik is a perfectionist, innovator, stylish, trendy and promising which are very similar to the philosophies of iBall."


Seconding his opinion, Rakesh Shah - Director iBall says, "iBall has come up with the revolutionary device 'iBall Slide'. We wanted a personality that encapsulated the product's aspects in real life and hence we chose Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador for iBall Slide."


Its not rocket science to say that Hrithik is indeed one of the most wanted and bankable names when it comes to Bollywood as well as brand endorsements…iBall is just one such example!


Way to go... Hrithik!