Band Baaja Baarati!

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: unknown

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Source: Hindustan Times

Date: Nov 22, 2011


Good morning misti dois! How goes it?


Today, I'm actually wondering if I should go out for lunch with my friends or just stay home and have them over to eat out of Francois' rasoi. Maybe I'll just have them over because I'm too lazy to step out. I'll have to check with my bawarchi on the menu. So before I sit down to do that, let me just serve you some spicy gossip from Bollywood.


For starters, my jasoos Sher Lock Holmes has returned from a wedding and is gushing about Hrithik Roshan's mehmaan-nawaazi. It was Duggu's secretary, Ashok's daughter's marriage. The Roshans arrived pretty early for the nuptials and stayed on till the end. The actor, in particular, is not known to attend social functions.


But neither he nor his family could say no to this one.


So, Sher Lock says that Hrithik was behaving like a typical ladkiwala. He was welcoming guests, including his colleagues from the show business, at the door. He even ensured that they ate well and had fun at the function. The actor, still suffering from mild pain in the back, had wife Sussanne helping him with his khaatirdari. In the meantime, parents Rakesh and Pinky ensured that his kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, were not messing around with anything and were on their best behaviour.


Hrithik and his wife were also among the last guests to eat and leave the venue. He didn't throw any starry tantrums and ate whatever was served to him.