Hrithik says its India's time now

Published On: 2014-08-29

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Hrithik says it’s India’s time now

Source: Times of India

Date: Dec 03, 2011


Hrithik Roshan, Rado's newest global brand ambassador, says everyone's wooing the Indian market because it's among the world's biggest growth stories today

You don't even have to be 'watch'ing carefully - it's obvious that as far as luxury and class are concerned, it's India's 'time' now. In case you missed all the puns in that sentence, we're talking about high-end watch brands, the world's best, in fact, and how India has emerged as not just a key market but the key market for them now. Rado's recent announcement of Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador is the latest example of an Indian celeb endorsing a foreign watch brand. And the brand stresses that Hrithik is a 'global face for the brand - an Indian representing the brand globally'.


They say that Hrithik is a perfect fit because both he and Rado are about 'uncompromising commitment to excellence'. Not only do most established, foreign watch brands now have Indian ambassadors, but these ambassadors also help to sell the brands in the world, not just in India, pointing to both - India's increasing buying power and rising soft power. Hrithik agrees with that, and adds, "It's a sign of progress for sure. India's come a long way economically, it's one of the fastest growing nations in the world. And the market is huge - I guess that's what is attracting the world to us, not only in luxury brands but in other fields as well."


For instance, India is among the top three markets for Rado globally, and the brand has huge expansion plans for the years ahead. Today, every seventh watch sold by Rado is to an Indian, and not necessarily one residing in India. And these companies are old, established brands that don't need to assert their brand strength - Hrithik's identification with the brand, for instance, is from his college days when his father had a Rado watch that he admired. It was an "iconic design", whose "exquisite and sleek look" floored him. But those were the days when we hankered after foreign watches. Now, it's these brands that are wooing the Indian costumer. Says Hrithik, "As a kid, when I saw that Rado watch on my dad's wrist, I loved that it made him look really strong. All sons want to be like their fathers, and it sort of became symbolic of growing up and being a man. And I'm finally here endorsing that watch, so I guess I'm finally the man I want to be."


So it's safe to say he's a watches man? "The only accessory I've ever worn is a watch," he says. "I like something strong, durable, maybe steel, and good to look at. Rado is a combination of all that. The one thing that really resonated with me is something that the founder of the company said way back in 1967. He said, 'If you can imagine it, then you can make it, and if you can make it, you will.' That's something I live by. I've often said that I'm a slave to the vision in my head, and if I can see it in my head, I won't rest till I prove it right. The watch on my wrist is not about just trying to discover the true essence of time, but also symbolic of that thought, and it also adds to the motivation."


And which is his favourite Rado? "It's very hard to pick a favourite. Rado's well-crafted watches are not only fashionable and futuristic but comfortable and durable too. Having said that, with the recent launch of the Rado D-Star watches, which are lightweight and exquisite, I do find myself enjoying this particular one - The Rado D-Star watch that I am wearing."