Hrithik's the hottest!

Published On: 2014-09-03

Author: Renuka Vyavahare

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Hrithik's the hottest

Source: TOI

Date: Jan 3, 2012


Bollywood gets together every year for ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani and his lenses as he captures probably the best shot of the hottest actors around.


As the photographer released a sneak peek of the making of his calendar, we couldn't help but vote for Hrithik as the hottest amongst all, followed by leggy beauty Priyanka Chopra, sex siren Bipasha Basu and the sexiest cerebral actor Shah Rukh Khan to be featured on the calendar.


While you get to see glimpses of the actors' previous shoots with Dabboo, Hrithik leaves a lasting impression as Mr Perfectionist. Not only does he show off his sculpted body in a gym, he actually pumps iron to ensure his physique comes out in the pictures just the way one would expect it to be.


Bipasha Basu, goes sensual with her clothes. Be it donning swimsuit on a bike, using pillows as a prop cum dress, or pouting perfectly for the camera in that perfect shade of red, Bips has rocked the photoshoot time and again as the seductress.


Priyanka Chopra is another beauty who deserves a mention for using her never ending long legs to her advantage. The leggy stunner can pull off casual and aristocratic at the same time and that shows in her pictures too. Be it sporting a classic LBD and giving that stern classy look or chilling by the pool side in hot pants and simple ganji-esque top on a lazy afternoon. PC stands out with her vivacious charm.


Shah Rukh Khan is another favourite and he certainly qualifies for being the sexiest cerebral man to be featured on the calendar. Be it him staring at his reflection in the huge mirror or pointing a toy gun at himself or just posing in his study with books and spectacles as his props...SRK engages you even to his pictures!


Deepika Padukone with her chiseled face, Vidya Balan with her ultra feminine oomph and Ranbir Kapoor with his endearing naughty face are few amongst the many hotties which will be featured on the calendar.