Hrithik goes back to school

Published On: 2014-09-14

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Hrithik goes back to school

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: Jan 21, 2012



As a student, he hated going to school, sometimes feigning sickness to be able to stay back at home. However, this time round, it was an affair to remember…


Last week, Hrithik Roshan revisited his school Bombay Scottish a good 25 years after he passed out from there. While Roshan Jr was there mainly as part of a tie-up with a news channel to promote his upcoming and much talked about film Agneepath, it turned out to be one heck of an emotional ride for the superstar. The school authorities happily granted his wish to meet his two favourite English teachers, Mrs Mosses and Mrs Beindish, who are now retired.


A source close to Hrithik told us, "He is someone who hated going to school as a kid and would have never imagined that he would visit school once again. His patent excuse was to fall sick… However, this time, he was extremely emotional when he visited the school and the places where he would hang out."


Not one to pore into his books as a child, Hrithik still had his favourites namely his two English teachers. They came specially to meet their star student although they no longer teach there. "Hrithik became extremely emotional, and it took him some time to get around to speaking about Agneepath for which he had primarily come," the source said.


The students were delighted to have a star in their midst and some of them even danced to some of Hrithik’s popular chartbusters, with the actor watching in rapt attention. Later, he was presented a memento by the principal, which he joked about as being his first ever prize from school.


According to the source, "Hrithik had some really fond memories of Bombay Scottish and was extremely thrilled to be there after so many years. He visited his old classrooms, and the teachers told him how he was probably the 'quietest student' they had ever had." The teachers requested him to attend the annual Founders Day which is held in March every year but he politely declined since he would be shooting for Krrish 3 around the same time. However he did promise them that he would make it next year.


Despite our attempts to get in touch, Hrithik remained unavailable for comment.