No Holi-day for superhero!

Published On: 2012-01-02

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No Holi-day for superhero!

Source: HT

Date: March 6, 2012



Awwww! Bechara Hrithik Roshan,whines my maid Munni,who has spelt bad luck for me ever since she came back from her holiday.She says that the father of two had planned to make a short trip to Mumbai to spend a couple of days with his kids,Hrehaan and Hridaan.

Reason : he wanted to splash some colour on them on holi.unfortunately,his current Krrish3 schedule,likely to wrap up in a couple of weeks in Hyderabad,doesn't allow him time to fly to Mumbai and back.So,Hrithik,who is assisting dad Rakesh,and is also co-producing the film with him,will have to skip this Holi-day at home with mum,wife,sister and bachchas,too Tsk!





Hrithik Roshan misses playing Holi with kids

Source: TOI

Date: March 8, 2012



Thanks to his busy shooting schedule for Krrish 3 in Hyderabad, Hrithik won't be able to come to Mumbai for Holi.


They say with power comes responsibility. And with superpowers comes bigger responsibilities. And that's the reason Bollywood's latest superhero Krrish has to be more responsible towards his film and has to sacrifice the little joys of life.


Hrithik Roshan is busy shooting for Krrish 3 in Hyderabad and the ambitious project will keep him occupied for the next few weeks. Thereby, much against his wish, he won't be able to celebrate the festival of colours with his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan. There seems to be no holiday for Hrithik even on Holi.


Even last month thanks to his busy shooting schedule, wife Sussanne Roshan joined husband Hrithik on the sets in Hyderabad to bring in Valentines Day. He wasn't able to fly back to Mumbai even then and so is the case now.


Incidentally there was buzz that Hrithik would grace the grand finale of the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai last evening for his good friend Rohit Bal. That would have given him an additional opportunity to celebrate Holi in Mumbai with family. However he couldn't make it to the event.