The 'perfect' superhero

Published On: 2014-09-29

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The ‘perfect’ superhero

Source: Deccan Chronicle



With the next Aamir Khan movie still months away from release, the debate over perfectionism and method acting seems to have taken a break for the time being. But, says Hrithik Roshan, method acting is something even he practises with zeal and commitment. While we’re still wondering how he’ll go about it for his next film Krrish 3, where he’s playing a superhero, Hrithik reveals how the Roshans delayed the entire shooting schedule of the film by a few months so that Hrithik could look and feel like a superhero. Battling health problems, the actor had put on lots of weight, something that had to be corrected before filming could begin.


“We could have filmed the movie even if I had a little paunch. I could have made the jacket a little loose and zipped it up. No one would have known what was inside. But if I am acting in a film, I have to get into that character; I have to become that person. So to be a superhero, I have to first become worthy of being a superhero,” Hrithik says.


Lest we start expecting Hrithik to start scaling buildings and rescuing people in real life, he says the whole process helps him not only look the part, but also act better. “If I’m not being that person, I will just be acting and I will look bad. If I’m playing a character, I have to know everything about that person and his history, and I have to become that in my life. May be this is what works for me,” he adds. “If I’m not living it, I can’t act it. If asked to just become a certain person or say just one dialogue, I can’t do it. Maybe others have that talent in them, but I can’t act,” he says.