Hrithik, my pillar of strength

Published On: 2014-10-16

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Hrithik, my pillar of strength

Source: TOI

Date: Aug 2, 2012


Hrithik's sister Sunaina loves her brother. She says what makes him special...


Sunaina Roshan shares a special bond with her brother Hrithik. In a chat with Renuka Vyavahare, the proud sister says what makes Hrithik so special.


Sunaina Roshan was brave enough to battle cancer and brave enough to share her story with us to inspire, give courage to many. We remember she telling us, how it was her superstar brother Hrithik who reminded her she is a fighter. The darling daughter of Rakesh Roshan has a special place in her heart for Duggu (Hrithik). He has been her pillar of strength. On Raksha Bandhan, we share her love for Duggu with his fans.


Sunaina told us once, "Those who don't know me may think I am a rich brat but I want to tell them, Hrithik, Suzanne and my parents have spoilt me, not with comforts, but with love. Hrithik tells me, Didi, you deserve to be happy. On tough days, Hrithik would come to me and say, Didi, this is not you. You are a fighter. He ensured I took care of myself and get over the pain. He is also the inspiration when it comes to fitness. He is the reason I look and feel fitter today."