Dahi Handi at Worli with Hrithik

Published On: 2014-10-25

Author: unknown

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Dahi Hani Event- Tweets


As per early reports, Hrithik dressed in all white, is attending the dahi handi festival NOW! Details to follow..... 


Shweta Pandit, via twitter, confirms that Hrithik 'rocked' the event! We are sure he did! Will share details as we get them.... Unbelievable energy at the Dahi-handi festival. @iHrithik just got squashed and mobbed bad ithink;) - Shweta Pandit 


A member just saw coverage and reports that Hrithik broke a dahi handi at the event! And yes, guys he looked fab! Hrithik in white tee, open white shirt and faded jeans, what a sight! Hrithik broke a small samaan ki handi on the stage! 


Just saw this, Hrithik was given a sword and he addressed the crowd by raising the sword towards them like a true knight! The Indian media channels have started their coverage of the tune in and tell us! Will post pics and vids as get them... One of my friends was there, and he told me that people were falling all over the place to get a glimpse of Hrithik- Dee He also said that he performed on Dhoom2 and people went mad! :D - Dee