When Hrithik played agony uncle

Published On: 2014-11-06

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When Hrithik played agony uncle


Source: Indiavision 

Date: October 16, 2012 


Mumbai - Anything for friends seems to be Hrithik Roshan's mantra. When designer Surily Goel wanted him to lend an ear to her agony, the star stalled a film shoot to resolve her issue. During the making of a movie, Goel was going through a rough patch and wanted to discuss her problems with someone. 


So, on the sets of the film, she casually mentioned it to Hrithik and he stopped the shoot and immediately dragged her into his vanity van and was all ears to her for 20 minutes. Goel, who also styled Hrithik for his debut TV show "Just Dance", shares this on an episode of UTV Stars' "Live My Life 2" when she met one of Hrithik's big fans. The episode will be aired Sunday October 21 at 7 PM IST.