Best foot forward

Published On: 2014-12-02

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Best foot forward


Source: Mid Day 

Date: December 5, 2012 


Hrithik Roshan entertains more than 1.5 lakh people with a 20-minute dance performance in Etawah, UP 


Hrithik Roshan did what he does best! Over the weekend, the actor put up a 20 minute performance at an event in Etawah that was attended by more than 1.5 lakh people. 


Sources say that Hrithik had agreed to be part of the local festival that has been taking place in the city since the last 15 years. An informer says, “Given the number of people in the audience, you would think its some international festival. But Hrithik made time to entertain the residents of Etawah, a small town in UP.” 


The star apparently requested several members of the audience to join him on the stage to dance. A friend of the actor tells us, “Hrithik has just wrapped up the shoot of his superhero film. He trained for several hours with choreographer Ganesh Hegde to prep for this event.”