Published On: 2012-03-26

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Hrithik Rules Awards


The United Nations Human Rights' Committee Chairman, Justice P N Bhagwati, today presented the `National Citiz' awards to eminent figures including the Human Resource Development Minister, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Bollywood stars Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan among others.

``The awards, initiated in 1987, to recognise excellence in various activities affecting national life, reflect India's pride, a peep into our unique rich culture embodying ideals of renunciation and service,'' Justice Bhagwati said. Dr.Joshi was honoured with ``outstanding parliamentarian'' award while Madhuri and Hrithik got kudos for their respective contribution to Indian cinema.

Union Minister Syed Shah Nawaz Hussain got the prize for ``promoting national integration'' whereas Mr.Jagjit Singh and Mr.Rajesh Roshan were honoured for excelling in music. The Dalai Lama (peace and humanity), Mr.Sanjay Khan (TV serials), the Delhi Police Commissioner,Mr. Ajai Raj Sharma (law and order) and the CPI(M) leader, Mr.Somnath Chatterjee (parliamentary procedure) too received the accolade.

Social worker Mr.Nanaji Deshmukh, Dr.Purvish Parikh, Sahara chairman Subrata Roy, ``Dainik Bhaskar'' and ``Punjab Kesari'' editors Mr.Ramesh Aggarwal and Mr.Ashwini Kumar respectively, Dr Anil Kakodkar, Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr.E.K. Mawlong were also among the awardees.

Mr.Joshi, who returned from Beijing last night after attending the ministerial review meeting of the world's nine most populous developing countries (E-9) said, ``I saw there how a nation creates feelings of pride and brotherhood among its future generations.'' ``India has got the potential but it is painful we are not where we should be today. India should learn a lesson from China; the youth there are disciplined and have a specific dream-plan for the betterment of the country,'' Mr.Joshi said.

Justice Bhagwati agreed with Mr. Joshi and said, ``we have wonderful people in India; Indians are the best in the world. Nearly 60 per cent of software professionals in the USA are Indians whereas NASA has 70 per cent Indians''.

Hrithik, in a reflective mood said, ``in the journey of life there are very few moments that make it worth living and memorable. This day is one of those moments in my life. And it is due to the love of my admirers that I call the story of my life today, interesting....''.