Published On: 2012-03-18

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Hrithik Rules Awards


Hrithik Roshan accepted his life’s first award for Best Debutant from Shah Rukh Khan whose very “feeling” and impromptu speech was the talk of the town that days and for days after.

The gorgeous Rekha made the night even more unforgettable for the Kaho Naa...Pyar Hai hero when soon after in her husky voice he announced the winner of the Best Actor award, “It’s Duggu, my baby!” It was the night of the Roshans as papa Rakesh also picked up awards for Best Film and Best Director. Uncle Rajesh Roshan was adjudged Best Music Director. Hrithik’s mother Pinky, sister Sunaina, wife Suzanne and sister-in-law Farah looked on smilingly at the men who had done them proud. The only Roshan missing was Rakesh and Rajesh’s father, the late composer, Roshan. “Wish he was here to see his family in all its glory,” murmured Rakesh with a hint of bitter-sweet regret. Kaho Naa...Pyar Hai gave Sanjay Varma the award for Best Editor. Lucky Ali got lucky with the Best Singer award for ‘Ek pal ka jeena...’ which also got Farah Khan the award for Best Choreographer. "Besides the fact that we really slogged hard, I also owe my success to blessings from my parents and seniors and, of course, the affection from my fans. As far as my fans are concerned, let me assure them that I will never let them down,’’ enthused Hrithik who was asked to present the Premier Superstar trophy to former matinee idol Rajesh Khanna. And as he touched Khanna’s feet for his aashirwad, there was a wave of spontaneous applause from the audience.

Shah Rukh gave Hrithik his first award of the night and the gorgeous Rekha made the night even more unforgettable when she announced the winner of the Best Actor Award, saying in that husky voice that sent shivers up many spines, “It’s Duggu, my baby!” Hrithik thanked the audience by saying, "this award’s special, coming as it does for my very first film, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. It feels specially good because I’ve won it before my peers in filmdom. But I don’t think it puts the performances of any of the leading actors to the shade. I’ve grown up watching them perform and with every fiber of my being I’ve always wished I could perform their roles just as well. So I owe this award to them. And to my family, who’ve given me their unconditional support. And to my wife Suzanne, for believing in me... As Dad says, filmmaking is teamwork, and he’s right. I couldn’t have won it but for the entire Kaho Na Pyaar Hai unit. Especially my co-star Amisha Patel." Rekha has seen the shy and ever smiling Hrithik grow up into a still shy, still smilin g superstar and once confided to a friend that if ever she had a son she’d like him to be just like the ever-lovable Duggu. That’s the magic of this young Roshan!